The process of making art for my new Gundam Hip Hop beat Red Comet Flow ft Ish1da + TekForce. Check out the song on soundcloud!


If you like to have a print of this painting, then drop by my etsy page and get yourself a Ball’n Beatz print. You’ll automatically qualify to get a copy of my new EP Project V, and if 10 or more Ball’n Beatz prints sell, then you’ll also receive a Red Comet Flow print (and more). Though this offer ends June 12th. Hope to get your support. https://www.etsy.com/listing/221742598/balln-beatz


My first post on Tumblr that is Gunpla related. This is a HGUC Z'Gok kit customised with a HG 08th MS Gouf Custom and 1/144 Zeonic hands add-ons set.

I originally wanted to do a Ram Z'gok, but wasn’t happy with the shield so it evolved into a Z'gok customised by a veteran Gouf pilot who couldn’t let his MS go. I really liked the concept and while the kit has problems (it has a weak leg in my case) I’m pretty happy with most of it.

I’m new to Tumblr and have no idea how this works, I hope I have this all right


Control the Humanoid Robot by Kinect

i just finished watching doukyuusei

my thoughts:

- kusakabe is hot af with his hair wet

- this is some quality gay shit

- sajou is an adorable bean

- five minutes into the video and BAM KISS

- i legit thought sajou would be the new lead singer of ZGOK

- kusakabe is a fuckin’ dork and i love him (who reads their sister’s books to gain knowledge of gay smex?????)

- those deep kisses made my heart flutter

- whenever sajou cried i cried on the inside

- i would sell my soul and my left leg to see kusakabe tease the shit out of sajou

- kusakabe is a v protective bf

- my heart died when sajou kissed his bf in front of all those people because cuties 

- sajou iS MY NUMBER ONE


Going to be making a second run of T-Shirts for a local Gunpla club, following up the old Monoeye/Motorhead mashup. Working with the same screen printing friend as last time, and she has a better setup now so they should be even better quality than the Monoeye ones.

I always have a few extras left over after the initial print run, would anyone on here like one?