School Arts Festival

Drop in here, come visit
Today’s the long awaited school arts festival
Everyone’s been working hard together as one
To make one big stage
Hold on, is it so?
Why must I be here?
Okay, okay, line up, straighten out your chests, the curtain is going to fall

The role I was assigned to was just a nondescript “Boy D”
This wasn’t what I wished for
I guess it’s good to be picked to go on stage from a crowd
But I was just given the role “Boy D”
Teacher, in my world, no matter what others say, I am the protagonist

In this world I am “Boy D”, a “Boy D” who doesn’t even have a name
Who only needs to say one line, “Good night”
On a stage that can go on without me
“Boy D” standing in a corner
No one sees him
But to me, he’s a VIP
Yes, without me, the play cannot start
In my world

I’ve waited for a while, I’m gonna go out
Finally it has come, it’s my turn, open up a path
Everyone, this is my street
Come one, shine the lights brighter for me
What? What did you say?
Santa is still riding his carriage?
That’s only in your world, but this is reality

Present or not, it doesn’t matter
You’ve got no right to order me around
The light that shines on the protagonist
Only leaks a weak brightness
My illumination, that’s the proof that I’m here
Living on other people’s leftovers is my pride
Think this, act this out
Push your chest out and play your role well

“If it’s like this” he murmured, and “Boy D” finally went wild
Something unexpected happened and on the stage, was a solo act
“Boy D” who was sadly captured while trying to escape from the crowds
Teacher, this is public now
No matter what anyone says, I am the protagonist

In this world I am “Boy D”, a “Boy D” who doesn’t even have a name
Who only needs to say one line, “Good night”
On a stage that can go on without me
“Boy D” standing in a corner
No one sees him
But to him, he’s a VIP
Yes, with or without me
There’s no difference? That’s impossible
Without me things won’t be like this

The school arts festival is a huge failure, let’s hold a reflection meeting for our faults
What now? What are we going to do?
What on earth do you want to do?
You’re such a nuisance, how many thousands of times do you want to apologize?
Please swear to everyone that you’ll save the play at the end the next time round

In this world I am “Boy D”, a “Boy D” who doesn’t even have a name
Who only needs to say one line, “Good night”
On a stage that can go on without me
“Boy D” standing in a corner
No one sees him
But to me, he’s a VIP
Yes, without me, the play cannot start
This world that can start without me
But this world cannot start without me, in my world

The seasons pass, it’s autumn now, it’s the long awaited sports festival
Now everyone get into your places, ready, set



If you weren’t here
I’m sure the world would end
Because the world only revolves inside of you

If you are having fun
I’m sure the world would smile
Because the world is only projected inside of you

If you weren’t here
I’m sure I would disappear
Because I could only live inside of you

On the morning that I met you
I called out to the world
And I told it to protect you

Won’t you come save me?

If you aren’t here, there won’t be anything here
Yes, you have saved this world again today

Don’t erase me, don’t leave me, but connect with me
Yes, you have lived, you’ve lived today as well
Thank you very much

On the morning you were born
I’m sure the world was born too
And you’ve always piled on the same years to your ages together

Every time you toss about in your sleep
I’m sure the world wakes up
With a sigh and a caress to the chest, its load is dropped, the world sleeps again

So that you wouldn’t notice, so that it wouldn’t be squashed flat
Let’s make history, let’s scatter the stars and watch over you

Won’t you let me live on?

If you aren’t here, there won’t be anything here
This world and you are everything that is associated with me

Don’t erase their meaning, don’t leave me, but connect with me
Today the world is breathing in the breath you exhaled as well

Every time you blink, the world stops
Every time you’re in low spirits, the world is silent
And for those lives that are like a blink of your eye
In this world, in your hands

If I’m not here, I’m sure the world continues
Because I could only live inside of you
Because the world could only live inside of you

Look around, look around, look around, look around
Look around, look around, look around, look around


Here’s the lyrics, romaji and English translation for Love Cheer!

All of this was done by me and @bluemooneri (thank you!!)

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MUCC Uka in Osaka

MUCC 20TH ANNIVERSARY 97-17 羽化 -是朽鵬6極志球業シ終T脈殺-

Setlist in Zepp Osaka Bayside 2017/04/09

01. 脈拍 (Myakuhaku)
02. 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
05. 我、在ルベキ場所 (Ware Arubeki Basho)
06. 悲観主義者が笑う (Hikan Shugisha Ga Warau)
07. 商業思想狂時代考偲曲 (shogyo shisoukyou jidai koushikyoku)
08. 死して塊 (Shishite Katamari)
09. BILLY×2 ~Entwines ROCK STARS~
10. 勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa)
11. EMP
12. コミューン (Commune)
13. 狂乱狂唱 21st Century Baby (Kyouran Kyoushou)
14. シリウス (Sirius)
15. ハイデ (Heide)
16. 茫然自失 (Bouzen Jishitsu)
18. Mr Liar
19. 蘭鋳 (Ranchuu)
20. 孵化 (Fuka)

EN 1. 誰も居ない家 (Daremo inai ie)
EN 2. 名も無き夢 (Namonaki yume)
EN 3. 故に、摩天楼 (Yue ni, Matenrou)
EN 4. 1997
EN 5. フリージア (Freesia)

During the first short MC, Tatsurou stepped forward, picking at his nails and not looking at the audience at all.
Tatsurou: We’re Mucc~
Audience: (cheers)
Tatsurou: (keeps picking at his nail, mildly uninterested voice) Is this fun? Are you having fun? (audience cheers, Tatsurou doesn’t even look up)

Tatsurou: Who went to see L’Arc yesterday? What did they play?
Audience: (calls of “Fate”, “Caress of Venus”, “Niji”, …)
Tatsurou: (finally looking up) NIJI?!?!? How nice~
Miya: (plays some niji riffs)

Yukke was talking about the restaurant he went to last night and
Yukke: The young granny there-
Tatsurou (and audience): What the fuck? What do you man by that? Which is it?
Yukke: Well she was an older lady who was made up very pretty, (gestures to audience) like you
Tatsurou: You’re horrible, man! That was so mean! (Yukke getting very flustered)

Usually in Osaka, there are always many younger bands who will come and watch MUCC’s concerts. Yukke had kept spots on his guest list for a couple of them (mentioned umbrella and XaaXaa specifically), but
Yukke: They didn’t contact me ahead of time, but I put them on my guest list anyway. And then the day before they still hadn’t contacted me, which made me wonder what was going on. Turns out they play their own lives today (laughs).

Satochi: I went to a big bathhouse. And a young guy new to wearing glasses came it, together with a senpai I think? He asked him “Is it ok to enter while wearing glasses??” and the senpai said “When you’re wearing glasses you must not take them off!!” “OK!!!”, but… does anyone really wear their glasses in the bath?? (some “yes”es from the audience) What, really? Don’t they get cloudy?? (audience calls out something he couldn’t catch) I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU
Audience: It’s ok once you dunk them in the water
Satochi: What, you put them in the water? That works? My eyes are horrible, less than 0.01. When I don’t have my glasses it’s impressively bad. Everything around is jungle!
Satochi: A long time ago now, when I had to go to my part time job, I had just lost a contact lens so I called the manager and said “I lost my contact lens so I have to take today off” to which he said “what a shitty excuse, get your ass over here!”, so I went all the way to Shinjuku but it was reallllly scary.

Miya: My eyes are not as bad as Satochi’s, but they are pretty bad. When I was a little brat- I mean, when I was about 18, I left in colour contacts for several days and ended up with a peeled off retina. I had to wear an eyepatch, even for concerts at the time. So now I always use 1day lenses and usually during a tour, I just throw in a handful of them into my luggage but this time I forgot to…
Yukke: What, so what are you doing today?
Miya: (in a tiny tiny voice) wearing yesterday’s contacts again…
Yukke: Second day??
Miya: (still worried small voice) yes…
Yukke: Everything ok? Like normal?
Miya: Yes, all normal.

Miya: Back when we were touring in Europe many years ago now, in France, I was around the Palace of Versailles with the crew and we saw some people dressed like real nobility, playing with a butterfly toy going “ahaha~ ahaha~” ヽ(´▽`)/ (Miya imitating the jumping around and the laughter was SO ADORABLE OMG)
Miya: Anyways, we were watching that happen and someone came up to us and got reallllllly angry at us in French, but we didn’t understand a word. And we only found out about this later, but apparently at the time Marie Antoinette was filmed! So somewhere, there is some unusable tape of that scene with 10 Asians in the background just staring with their mouths wide open.

Since they were playing in the Zepp Bayside, only one station apart from Universal Studios Japan, USJ had to come up during the MC.
Miya: I don’t know if it’s ok for us to talk about USJ here, but I saw something on the news.
Tatsurou: If it was on the news, why would it not be ok? It’s not like we have a contract with Disney Land or anything.
Miya: Some years ago USJ didn’t have that many visitors, but in the past years they are setting record after record, it’s amazing. I’ve never been but I’m curious about it.
Tatsurou: USJ is really close right? Has anyone gone to USJ before the concert? (quite some people cheering yes) Wow, you guys must be having the best day ever!!

Miya: I’ve never been to USJ, and I’ve never read Harry Potter, but I’m so curious about Butterbeer. I always hear that everyone only drinks it once, so… (shouts from the audience that it’s sweet) Sweet? Oh, I will like it.

Tatsurou had trouble with his monitors on and off during the concert and disappeared for a big chunk of the MC, I think all of Satochi’s part and some of Miya’s too? Seeing how he still was missing from the stage center,
Miya: When will that tall one come back. Ooooooy~ (calls to Tatsu at the side of the stage)
When Tatsu was back,
Tatsurou: Fixed it. The main set was supposed to end before 7pm, but we are already past that. Your last trains might go! Are there people who have to take the Shinkansen afterwards? (quite some “yes”es from the audience) Alright, we’ll continue so you can make your last trains!! Let’s go!!! (and started Heide, song 15/20 of the main set..)

During the encore, Namonaki Yume,
Miya: OsakaaaaAAAAAA! LET’S WRECK THIS NEW VENUE~!! ARE YOU READY~! LET’S GOOOOOO (to tons of shouting and cheering from the audience)
And after the 目を閉じて明日を思い描く line (close your eyes and picture tomorrow),
Tatsurou: And from tomorrow onwards, please do you best at school or work again ok~! (too real ;_; )

anonymous asked:

What are your hopes for gaming in 2018?

  • Monster Hunter World being good
  • Maybe some more Death Stranding info
  • More word on From Software’s new projects (EVERGRACE 2 BAYBEE)

And the last time-shift! Before that, they all sign the car. It goes back to 2002, Homura Uta.

Mucc now have the option to do something they only ever did once, ten years ago. Neoki daikirai! So this is something they do every ten years!

Tatsu disappears first, wanting more sleep.
The others continue drinking and watch footage from the last time.

Then they go to sleep too, for just ~45min, until 5:30am.
Then an alarm will ring and they have to play a song with all their might and energy.

In the meantime, the audience gets to watch some live footage from this year’s uka tour.

(if you heard of the windows screensaver light show, this is what it refers to. that’s what the opening looked like.)



5:30 AM!


Followed by some MUCC taisou to wake up properly.

   ~   T H E   E N D   ~