Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week but unless you follow me on either twitter or on facebook then of course you probably thought I died. Now, this is the reason why I was invisible for almost a week:

The Boracay Saga part 1 of 5.

For those who don’t know, Boracay is this lovely island south of Manila. An hour or less plane ride and a 10 minute ferry boat ride and you’ll arrive at one of the world’s critically acclaimed beaches. Boracay was actually named one of the best beaches in the world alongside the likes of Phuket, Santorini and Turks and Caicos Islands.

It was my second time to go to the island for this year and of course, it was twice as fun. There were many reasons as to why we just had to go to the island.

  • Labor day weekend
  • Kate finally arrived from Australia
  • Republiq’s boracay party series from April 28-April 30
  • Middle of summer!

I picked up Nicole (who’s just my all time favorite and partner when it comes to going out or travelling) at her Condo then we went off to the airport around 4 pm. We flew via ZestAir to Kalibo. Despite the Labor Day weekend being considered as one of the most toxic days where passengers are flooding at the airports, thank you to ZestAir for not delaying and/or cancelling our flight.

While waiting for our flight to start boarding, we noticed that Andi Eigenmann and Bubbles Paraiso (who looked very ravishing!) were also at the departure area. We concluded that both were off to Boracay too and turned out they actually were on the same flight as ours BUT not only that, their seats were just across ours!

From the airport, straight to a van which would take us to the Jetty port at Caticlan. It was a 2 hour ride but thanks to Nicole’s Avicii, we barely felt the duration of the road trip. Funny how the van services name was Kiata, which in my native tongue of visayan, means “promiscuous.”

We finally arrived at the island of Boracay around 11 pm. We actually booked our hotel at the very last minute because we were supposed to stay over at Kate’s hotel but they got too crowded. Thankfully, Nicole was able to book a vacant room in station 3 despite the peak season.

After freshening up and checking in at the hotel, we headed straight off to Epic at Station 2 where the Republiq party was. Just to give a heads up, there are 3 stations in Boracay catering to different types of customers and their needs.

Station 1 is the expensive, upper class and posh area and is located at the north. If you’d like some peace and relaxation, this is where you should book your stay. Station 2 is where everything and anything can happen. It’s where the bars and clubs are, where D'Mall is (their fun, open area mall) and where majority of great restaurants and shopping places can be found as well. Not to mention, most of the activities such as Banana Boat riding, Flying Fish, Helmet diving etc. can be spotted as well. So if you would like to get an action packed stay, this station is the one for you! Lastly, Station 3 is the family friendly area out of the 3. Cheaper hotels however the beaches in the area aren’t as beautiful. However, you can always just walk from any of the 3 stations and just mix and match your interests.

The Republiq party was a blast! Entrance fee included 2 shots of Hennesy so not bad at all.

And did I mention that the party’s Barker (the guy who yells while the DJ is spinning) was super hot?

One thing I love about Boracay are the parties and just how wild it can get. I reckon, Boracay is the Philippine counterpart of Cancun. It’s always crazy and festive. Another thing I love about Boracay is how everyone looks, feels and is definitely sexy. No doubt, Boracay is the place to be to unwind, have fun and play around in the Philippines. I hardly suggest that it’s great for groups of friends or unless your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner is also into the party scene, for singles.

Also, on our way out, we bumped into Ms. Camille Co, who’s just one of Manille’s new breed of icons.

More great and awesome photos up ahead as well as more info and details to those who would want to know more and are planning to go to Boracay for the first time. But for now, Cheers! Xx

...Boracay, baby!

Last August 2011, It was my first time to go to Boracay. I don’t exactly know what to expect since in this time of the month you don’t know what the weather will be. (Thank God, all through out our stay the weather is really nice.) Nonetheless, I’m sooo excited to go and see ♥Boracay♥ for the first time. I’m all packed and ready to go.

It is also my first time to take the Zest Air. (Manila to Kalibo)

Since were early, were waiting for our flight to be called.

Boarding time..

Well this is it… The travel is smooth and you wouldn’t even notice the travel time (ETT: 45mins), by the time you knew it you’re already in Kalibo. (Kalibo Airport)

Touchdown Kalibo Airport. From the arrival of Kalibo Airport they have this Ati-atihan mask and costume which Kalibo is known for.

From Kalibo Airport we have to travel to Caticalan Jetty Port for about 1 and half hr. where we have to take a boat ride going to Boracay Island. Just outside the airport are vans that can take you to Caticlan Jetty port (200php/head).

This is it.. I’ll see you on the other side of the Island :) ♥BORACAY, baby!♥