so Yesterday Fifth Harmony’s Worth It dropped in the UK and it’s number 3 at the Itunes Uk Chart already !!! meanwhile Little Mix’s Black Magic was available for pre-order for like a  month now or even more ? and with loads of promo and stuff they hardly peaked from the bottom of the chart (where the single was hangin on there for month already) to number 34 the funny thing is :


So we got

•heavy reinforcement of the beard(s) at Universal and then again after Ziam started acting up yesterday on Twitter
•Zayn appearing in promotional stuff for Canadian shows on the official 1D Facebook account
•Zayn hinting at a collab with Naughty Boy via Twitter using lyrics, something we saw with I Won’t Mind as well

I’d say we’re right on track for the end, honestly. This follows a trajectory that’s been pretty specifically predicted for weeks, and outlined for months. Now all we’re missing is

•explicitly linking the boys back to Zayn (my money’s currently on Liam due to the way they in particular have been linked heavily in the press when it wasn’t strictly necessary–looking at you, Billboard article tags–but we’ll see)
•Zaughty single dropping and a (possible) Zaughty drama
•some Zerrie drama to garnish it and help boost their single sales for the 10th

To quote fyeahanon: my math’s adding up just fine, how about yours?

BBC Studios | July 6th 2015

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