Zero the Silver

I only understand like 9% of life

Unplanned Events


— {˙ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ˙} —— “Haa~ finally, it’s almost done,” she says, stretching her arms above her head, hearing her back pop in response as she glances at Zero. “In a way, it’s kinda too bad no one crossed the line, isn’t that what you’re thinking?” she teases.

         ˙ From the corner of her eye she notices that Kaname appears to be getting ready to speak, though what really draws her attention, is the fact that the vice president of the hunter’s association is standing next to the pureblood king, clearing his throat and speaking first.

         ˙ “As you know, things have been a little shaky between the senate and the association for the past few years…” and thus starts the long and winded speech, though there are more than a few surprised reaction when the speech ends with a, “-and so Kuran-kun has offered to marry one of our hunters, to strengthen the ties and further improve the peace between us,” - and the hunters agreed because it means being able to keep a better eye on the vampire King.

         ˙ “Eh… What’s that? Weirdo,” Eiri snorts, glancing at Zero before giving him a teasing grin. “Maybe you’ll get picked, what would you do?” Oh please. If Kaname would choose him, she’d pick Zero up and run off with him.