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short disney challenge day seven: favorite song (insp)

From zero to hero a major hunk
Zero to hero and who'da thunk?


Here’s a very random (and somewhat lazy) Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero click and drag game. Test run by yours truly (aka creator):

Your Affiliation: The Dream Team (aka good guys)

Your Occupation: Hero

Your Best Friend: Penn Zero

Your Worst Enemy: Boone Wiseman

Your Lover: Boone Wiseman (^…makes no sense)

Your Usual Form: Relatively Normal (Same Gender)

if you don’t understand something feel free to think of it in your own interpretation

this will be interesting

don’t thank me later


Here is Zero The Flash Transformation….. king-of-yuuri


CONVERGENCE #0-8 covers by Ethan Van Sciver (#0), Ivan Reis (#1 and #2), Stephen Segovia (#3 and #4), Carlo Pagulayan (#6 and #7) and Andy Kubert (#5 and #8).

Adobe Releases Emergency Patch for Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability

Adobe has rolled out an emergency software patch for its Flash Player to patch a critical zero-day vulnerability that is already exploited by the hackers in the wild.

The company said the flaw could potentially allow hackers to take control of the affected system and that it had evidence of “limited, targeted attacks” exploiting the flaw.

Cyber crooks are already exploiting this zero-day vulnerability in the wild in an effort to hijack computers, targeting systems running Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and Firefox on Windows XP.

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DC Comics has released an official preview of the 22nd chapter in the digital series The Flash: Season Zero. The Flash sophomore season may be done, but the digital comic series continues. The fastest man alive still has stories to tell while we wait for the premiere of the second season of the hit TV series. The preview was released via CBR, take a look at the images below. Solicit Synopsis:…

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In the space of two hours this morning, I went from - I’m too tired to run, why am I so tired? - to - I don’t feel so good, maybe I should stay home - and then to - I feel like utter crap, I am taking many meds and crawling back into bed. Zero energy, dizziness, hot flashes, along with the usual sinus pressure and congestion, plus sniffles, sneezing, and coughing. Now I know why I slept nearly 14 hrs yesterday.

I still have Thor in the DVD player from yesterday so I may just watch that repeatedly and cry about these two idiot brothers while I lie here and feel awful.

This Week: Season Zero, Silver Age Samuroids

Flash Season Zero #10 (print edition): “When an astronaut turned metahuman becomes obsessed with Caitlin Snow, The Flash must protect her from the confused monster wielding a powerful cosmic energy!”

Flash Season Zero Chapter 23 (digital edition) continues the early days of Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, the criminals who would one day become Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

The digital backlist skips ahead a bit to Flash #180-181, a two-parter in which the Flash visits Japan to help an old friend on a case and battles samurai robots.


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Emergency Adobe Flash Patch Fixes Zero-Day Under Attack

msm1267 writes: Adobe has released an emergency patch for a Flash zero-day used in targeted attacks by APT3, the same group behind 2014’s Clandestine Fox attacks. Adobe said Flash Player and earlier for Windows and Macintosh systems are affected, as is for Linux 11.x versions. The current iteration of Clandestine Fox attacks shares many traits with last year’s attacks, including generic, almost spam-like phishing emails intent on snaring as many victims as possible that can be analyzed for their value before additional attacks are carried out. The two campaigns also share the same custom backdoor called SHOTPUT, as well as an insistence on using a throwaway command and control infrastructure.

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When Nintendo revealed the title StarFox Zero though, my heart skipped a beat as the nightmare that is Bomberman Zero flashed back in my mind.


I sure am glad they didn’t do for a “dark”, “gritty” reboot of starfox!

Been a very long time since I drew in a manga/anime style!
I usually avoid drawing in a more anime style because I find i can’t really express emotion through it- as you can see from the two very blank faces. Eurgh I still haven’t found an art style I can stick with! This is zero and sigma who are characters from a book I really want to make when my writing skills improve. Zero is about eighty foot tall and actually as soft as a puppy, he wouldn’t hurt a fly!
Sigma however is a clone human who’s about five foot five tall and will fight anything.

Will I ever write this? Eh, hopefully in a few years time I’ll be able to write it as good as it is in my head.
For now I’m just developing back story and settings for it.