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I don't just think gamzee is just trapped alone with the corpses in the fridge I think he been gag with a horn by vriska again as an added control factor. =o(

also seems kinda hypocritical since Hussie had other characters call out the abusive shit that’s happened to them yet he’s letting Vriska’s rampant abuse off with only a slap on the wrist and zero acknowledgement.

(Since’s Tavros burning her lost a LOT of it’s power which immediately in the next upd8 Hussie made Tavros subordinate to yet another abusive female)

On this day, July 21st, in 1983: Shonen Knife and Zero Records released “Burning Farm,” an 8-song, 8″ album.

Today’s soundtrack: “Twist Birbie,” as it was listed on the cover, and “Burning Farm” are my jam.

Today’s screening:  Live in 1992 -

Today’s quote: “We saw Shonen Knife and they were so cool. I turned into a nine-year old girl at a Beatles concert. I was crying and jumping up and down and tearing my hair out - it was amazing. I’ve never been so thrilled in my whole life. They play pop music - pop, pop, pop music.” - Kurt Cobain

Greece Is Burning, Literally

Greece is burning, literally, as Athens residents fled their homes on Friday amid wildfires fanned by strong winds and high temperatures burned through woodland around the Greek capital, sending clouds of smoke billowing over the city. Greek PM Tsipras urged calm as more than 80 firefighters with 18 fire engines and three aircraft battled the flames… brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘firesale’…

#Greece on fire..

— ?????? (@jibla_) July 17, 2015

Dozens flee homes as wildfires rage near Athens

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) July 17, 2015

?????? ??? ? ???????????????????????????????????????????? #Greece #fire_in_greece #Athens

— ?????? ????????? (@RafTsouf) July 17, 2015

#Wildfires in #Greece now.

— Dimitris (@hoplabourer) July 17, 2015

And from the sky…

Insult to injury: Photos of wildfire in outskirts of #Athens #Greece

— Dimitri Androutsos (@EngProfD) July 17, 2015

* * *

The problems are mounting as new fires are igniting rapidly…

New fire in Athens (Malakasa), very close to the Athens-Thessaloniki highway. Pic: @PanosVelissaris #GreeceOnFire

— spyros gkelis (@northaura) July 17, 2015

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What's some good tech for the online multiplayer of Act Zero?

Burn the disc because you’ll never find a match.

Years ago when I tried I got ONE GUY who immediately left because I assume he realized he wasn’t playing HALO after all and instantly combusted.

I got my books today finally.

Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive and Burning Chrome all by William Gibson and Mirrorshades: A Cyberpunk Anthology edited by Bruce Sterling with stories by dozen other writers (also including William Gibson.)

I don’t regret a thing getting all these books. Now to start with Count Zero.