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Tag ten people you want to get to know better

I was tagged by c4ptainthrxnduil (ahhhhhhh i miss youu ♥)

Time and Date: 18:06pm, 27th of june.

Average Hours of Sleep At Night: max. 6 hours, min 0. there is no inbetween.

Last Thing I Googled: i have no idea, probably a streaming website

Birthday: 20th of july, 1995

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: still questioning

Height: 155cm (i’m so short)

Favorite Color: blue

One Place That Makes Me Happy: the dog shelter in my hometown

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: one, two if i’m cold and zero if i’m burning in hell

Favorite Movie: a little princess

What I Am Wearing Now: my pjs

Favorite Beverages: coffee and smoothies

Favorite Food: i can’t choose.

Last Movie I watched: jurassic world

Dream Vacation: roadtrip in california with my best friends

Dream Wedding: none because i dont wanna get married, unless it’s with dylan o’brien of course.

Dream Pets: a cat and a monkey

Dream Job: writer/screenwriter, or i’d like to own a cute little bookshop with like tables and sofas and stuff, like with a home-y feeling to it. yup.

I tag: hethunders stiles-x-derek smoaksolicitys stiles-lydia halestilinskis rosetentyler slytheirin holdingontophan halekingsourwolf martinlydias

Music tagg

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and list the first five songs, then write your favorite lyrics from that song. You can tag up to 50 if you want, it doesn’t matter!
I was tagged by the wonderful you-had-me-at-phan (thank you ^-^)

1. The Divine Zero- Pierce the Veil
“Burning eyes and cigarettes
I’m falling through the couch like a suicide mission tonight
My God, here comes the downside”

2. Scream, aim, Fire- Bullet for my Valentine
“The call is made, it’s one for all! Will i meet thy maker?”

3. Hello my hate- Black Veil Brides
“So cuddle, make your bed, we broke the ice… your only dead and…”

4. Pick up the phone- Falling in Reverse
“I truly believe that the reason I’m here
Is to tell you the truth that your ending is near
Oh, One day you must look at yourself in the mirror
I still don’t think that you are hearing me clear”

5. The Depths- Of Mice & Men
“I’ve been put down for way too long,
“You’ll never be good enough.”
All they told me was “Just give up,
You’ll never be good enough.”

I tag shaforostov immortalhdildo & neardeathnoteexperience

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: No plane hit tower 7, but it still fell. There was molten steel at ground zero, but jet fuel’s burning temperature is less than the melting point of steel beams. If it wasn’t a government conspiracy, then why did Dick Cheney profit off the Iraq war?