Zero the Azure

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Azure :)

Thank you so much for the ask friend! (especially because I love Azure)

Full Name: Azure  
Gender and Sexuality: Genderfluid, demiromantic asexual
Pronouns: they/he/she
Ethnicity/Species: Faun
Birthplace and Birthdate: Unknown
Guilty Pleasures: Despite everything he always says about health and safety, they love to climb the most dangerous-ass trees in the forest, but would never admit it 
Phobias: Any of the children they care for going missing, loud noises and violence
What They Would Be Famous For: Something to do with childcare, probably
What They Would Get Arrested For: They’re way too nice for that, unless somehow he got falsely accused of something in the war
OC You Ship Them With: No one at the moment
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Amaya
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Animated
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Evil children in horror 
Talents and/or Powers: They’re amazing at caring for children and nurturing them in general and have the other enhanced senses of other fauns
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s so caring, he cares about literally everyone and wont let people get hurt. Nurturing and kind, they’ll do anything to help someone
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Too forgiving, maybe? They’ll forgive just about anyone, as long as the person hasn’t hurt the children they care for
How They Change: When they were born, there was no war going on, and the war started up during the war, so now he lives in a make do faun camp just outside of the war zone
Why You Love Them: He’s so precious and also very caring and kind and sweet I love them

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also if anyone is wondering this is Azure and I love them sorry for the quick sketch

🗻 Zero Escape: Azure’s Last Fucking Nerve 🗻 Azure 🗻Re: Event, New Areas and being trapped AGAIN 🗻OPEN

She hated this; this feeling of being trapped with no hopes of escaping. Like lab rats in a cage, waiting for the next ugly test to be enacted on them. If she wanted to be honest with herself, she could still try and break a window on the ground floor and run away from there in search of aid…but she didn’t want to be honest with herself because then she’d admit she was afraid that she’d fail and be killed for trying to escape.

So instead, she decided to adapt. Play by SUL’s rules and outmaneuver any potential idiots who wanted to play this game. Idiots like Risa and Emil-and Risa had indeed tried to drag her down with her, hadn’t she? She wouldn’t lose to people like that.

While people were crying and grieving over the new losses in their class, she had ignored them and focused on her own goals; she’d watched over LeBlanc in her room until she was finally well enough and had made it to her own room before spending her days going about her business.

Then the brats had come up with a “fun vacation idea” and had told her to pack. She’d packed light-her normal clothes, an extra pair, her pjs, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, all the secrets/crimes and cards…and Peacock’s shoes. Look, she needed to give them back eventually

Of course, everything went to shit as soon as they got to their next destination. It was…raining chocolate? And they were stuck in this castle that was in a hotel? 

“What the fuck?”

This was the dumbest thing she had ever seen. They could just walk through the chocolate rain-sure they’d get all dirty but that’s what showers were for-but nooo, apparently they were stuck here.

She swore, turned right back around and stalked off to some new location before she finally gave into her urge to sock Lucas in the face.

And this is how she ended up in the library. Well, she might as well sit and read some to pass the time. She went to the shelves, trying to find a Dewey Decimal System of sorts. After a bit, she found a suitable book and sat down at the desk there and started to read.




She was getting more and more frustrated with the book’s contents by the minute; god, why was this so difficult? She placed one of the UR cards in its pages as a bookmark and decided that maybe a small break would be fine. She proceeded to then bury her head in her hands and sink onto the desk. This is fine.

Of course, that was short lived as someone opened the door. Looking up, her face settled into an extremely cautious and wary expression.