Zero the Azure

andonyourright asked:

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Jess had always been FASCINATED by the idea of true love and destiny. She had a collection of romance novels and she dreamed of her very own Prince Charming. The reality was a counter, incessantly ticking on her wrist. She paid close attention to the numbers normally but she hadn’t had time to check them in a little while. There were a number of containment issues that required her immediate attention. Today, though, she had the day off — she could relax a little, enjoy the park! She hadn’t seen most of it. She was afraid of most of it, honestly. But the herbivores weren’t so bad, and a lot of the scenery was pretty.

And that’s how she met him. The second he was in her gaze, her wrist started burning – not painfully, not entirely unpleasantly. She glanced down to find herself confronted with six zeroes. Azure hues snapped up to find his face again, and she pushed through the crowd, beaming.

❛ — It’s YOU. ❜