So Z is becoming quite the Movie Star

I am so happy for her and I feel like a proud parent. Her cast really adores her. And I’m so happy she’s branching out and meeting new people making new connections. She said she doesn’t do industry kids, but I think she will make an exception with this group. They all look to be very genuine!

Zendaya Coleman is standing her ground.

The 19-year-old actress and singer appears on the July cover of Cosmopolitan and shared with the mag her experiences working with racially insensitive people and her return to Disney.

“I didn’t like my hair and makeup one time on a photo shoot, and my publicist told me, ‘You should just be happy with it — they haven’t had a black girl on the cover since forever,’” Coleman said. “She’s no longer my publicist.”

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Zendaya Coleman: ‘I Don’t Face the Same Struggles as a Woman With Darker Skin’
It’s no secret that Hollywood favors lighter skin on black female entertainers. But some black actresses, while perhaps observing that fact, resist publicly acknowledging. But in her June Cos…

“I feel a responsibility to be a voice for the beautiful shades my people come in. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a privilege compared to my darker sisters and brothers… Like people question, Would you listen to Zendaya if she wasn’t the same skin color? And that’s an honest question. Can I honestly say that I’ve had to face the same racism and struggles as a woman with darker skin? No, I cannot. I have not walked in her shoes and that is unfair of me to say. But I’m completely behind that woman. I want to be a part of the movement and growth. And if I get put in a position because of the color of my skin where people will listen to me, then I should use that privilege the right way.”
– Zendaya Coleman