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Jaehee the Zen fangirl (ft. bonus Yoosung who knows what’s up)

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It's me. Tangled AU anon. Back at it again with more Disney au thoughts. Little mermaid is like little mermaid. but not mermaids. omnics. So like... zen wants to know what it might be like. to NOT be an omnic. to be human. and not oppressed. And gets his chance to be human but at the cost of his voice. Bastion is like flounder, zen companion in exploring humanity.he collects human things. What is a hair brush for. Eating is???? Human life is very exciting for zen. Genji loved zens enthusiasm.

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! yes to All Of This

boat scene more like zen is just pleased to not have to worry abt his heavy metal-ass body sinking anything t b h…. everyone wonders how he can understand the beeping of omnics like bastion and he just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mod Zen making things confusing

Hey guys! It’s the illusive mod Zen.. Tada!!
I’m going to be stealing the name of Mod V, since thats my mod name on my other mystic messenger tumblr, @relatable-messenger ! We post memes that I think you all would find funny, so please make sure to check it out :).

So to sum things up:
Mod V —> Mod Rika
Mod Zen —> Mod V
Everyone else stays the same.

Goodbye! I’ll go back to being illusive again. No more text posts we swear XD.


-someone help him
-he’s so innocent
-he’d go completely red at half of the cards
-would set cards down without looking at them, just wanting to get it over with
-mc would try to pick his card, knowing that even for a game like this he can be a bit of a sore loser (cant tell me he wouldn’t be)

-this game is his favourite, especially if he’s playing with Rfa member
-he’d purposely pick the raunchiest answers when it’s Yoosung’s turn to read
-if Yoosung came across a world he didn’t understand he’d give a totally wrong definition
-would get extremely flustered reading out raunchy answers, constantly wondering if mc gave him a dirty answer
-would creat a card saying “does Jumin Han is gay?” And would use it every chance he got (probably made more than one)

-would take pictures of answers he found funny
-wouldn’t be overly good at it at first(trying to keep the beast contained in front of mc)
-would give purely insulting things when Jumin reads the cards
-would makes cards just for Jumin to read (things like “i hate cats” “i am unworthy of being in zen’s presence” ect)
-would probably help Seven sass Jumin by giving Jumin a handmade answer card that says “yes, Jumin Han does is gay”

-good luck getting her to play
-better get your hands on some killer zen swag and bribe her with it
-she diesn’t see the point of the game until she realizes that she can subtly insult her boss right to his face (or make Zen say kinky things cause what true fan wouldn’t want that?)
-is surprusingly good at it. People are sometimes shocked by her answers

- totally wouldn’t get the point of the game
-but he’d do anything mc asked him to
-would totally only play cards that logically answered the question card
-would get overly turned on and possesive when mc would give a raunchy answer (only he should know mc’s perverted side)
-would read answers without getting awkward
-might realize that Seven and Zen are trying to fuck with him so he’d stare at them intently whenever reading answers until they got uncomfortable and stop
-once those two stop messing with him he’d get bored and want to take mc home
-he’d then stare at mc whenever reading raunchy answers, following it by stating that those would be things he’d like to try with mc (oblivious to everyone elses discomfort at his comments)
-his hitting on mc would likely be what ends the game, mc dragging him home to spare everyone hus comments (and to let him try out those things)

-would be seated next to mc, getting them to help him pick his cards
-actually looks forward to this game cause he loves having mc’s body press against him and hearing their vouce whusper in his ear
-might pretend not to hear them first time so that they press closer
-would also get mc to play his cards (has a surprisingly wicked sense of humor once he stops feeling guilty over everything in his life)
-likes to ask mc to pick a card by phrasing it as sexually as possible ei “i want ‘eating out’” or “can you grab my 'biggest cock’….card?”
-loves how mc’s entire body get warmer when he whisper those things in their ear (sometimes feels guilty about it)
-would apologise after giving shocking answers
-would have a hard time choosing between mc and Yoosung as winning cards (knows whose are whose because the noises they make)

-wouldn’t want to play…ever
-would be much like Jumin with only giving logical answers.
-wouldnt understand certain social references
-would likely give some dark answers
- when others would react a little unsurely mc would reasure Searan and tell him it was a perfectly good answer