The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons x Oracle of Ages ( Game Boy Color - 2001 )

A commission made on deviantart.

I never really played the Oracle games before starting this, honestly, but I decided to give it a shot to at least know what I’m drawing fanart for, and it’s actually some pretty damn fun games from what  I’ve seen so far ( though Minish Cap is still my favorite 2d Zelda ). 

Eh… some anatomy and empty space stuff aside I like the picture overall.


Comercial japonês de Zelda Oracle of Ages.

Reasons to love the Legends

Legend of Zelda: Where it all started

Adventure of Link: The Orphan

A Link to the Past: The Genre Defined

Link’s Awakening: The Dream

Ocarina of Time: The Mold Breaker

Majora’s Mask: The Mind Breaker

Oracle of Seasons/Ages: The Epic Journey

The Wind waker: The Vast Sea

The Four Swords Adventures: The one that got away

The Minish Cap: The Hidden World

Twilight Princess: The one that brought Darkness

Phantom Hourglass: LINEBECK

Spirit Tracks: CHOO CHOO!

Skyward Sword: The Beginning

A Link between Worlds: The one that brought new Life.

Hyrule Warriors: FANSERVICE

Gaming News: Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons Announced

For the Nintendo Virtual Console on handheld devices. If you’re an owner of the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo DSXL then if you live in Japan you will be able to purchase two of the more charming The Legend of Zelda games available, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

Water Temple 2.0

I am currently playing through The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. I beat it ages ago (LOL)! But anyways, I just completed the 7th dungeon, which just so happens to be Jabu-Jabu’s Belly (yes there is a Jabu-Jabu Belly dungeon in this game too). Anyways, just imagine OoT’s Water Temple but about 10x worse. If I never have to complete that dungeon again, I will be one happy camper. If you dont take my word, just know this: it has a water-level mechanism.


If someone knows the actual title of this theme, please let me know. XD