On Caitlin’s bisexuality in the episode:

  • I personally thought it was handled well. It wasn’t played for laughs. Stiles didn’t react with disbelief or scorn.

  • Her going out and getting fucked up so soon after her girlfriend’s death is believable, though I, personally, would have liked more emphasis on her behaviour being a coping mechanism. Her shutting down Stiles when he tries to talk about the death might have worked?

On Stiles’ “bisexuality” in the episode:

  • Again, I liked it. Stiles’ response to the question showed genuine contemplation and absolutely zero scorn. It fit well into a long line of hints we’ve been given that Stiles isn’t only into girls.

Now, on a critical level (YOU LOVE ME):

  • The fact I think the writing represented Caitlin’s bisexuality well, does not negate the fire breathing anger I still have over the circumstances under which it was written. Jeff Davis wanted brownie points for bisexual representation so he, in his own words, took a lesbian and brought her back as bisexual.

    I can appreciate Caitlin’s bisexual representation to the moon and back, but I’m not forgiving the shows backflipping on one form of minority representation for another.

  • Stiles’ non-answer didn’t upset me, because as many have pointed out, a slow-burn realisation of ones sexuality is an entirely valid experience and I can 100% get behind that.

    In saying that, I am side eyeing the absolute fuck out of it.

    Because, if Stiles now never comes out as queer, this is going to be the most queer-baiting-est, queer-baiting that ever queer baited. The show has crossed that line for me, and by fucking god, they’d better start galloping off into a rainbow sunset soon or I will flip all the tables.

BK: The portrait above is the first drawing I did of Kuvira. I intentionally gave her a somewhat similar vibe to Korra, just a bit more intense. When we were casting the character, we had a couple of pieces of concept art to show the actors. Zelda Williams, who ended up getting the part and played it wonderfully, said, “Hey, she looks like me!” I thought the exact same thing when she walked into the studio. Later she told me her mother even has the same beauty mark under her eye. On the right are some costume explorations by Lauen Montgomery. I liked the long braided and asymmetrical cape, but they would have made Kuvira’s animation very difficult, so they didn’t make the cut. Kuvira head concept by Bryan Konietzko, Kuvira costume concepts by Lauren Montgomery.