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This picture is after the battle with Zant in the twilight realm. I want from the bottom of my heart for Link and Midna to say things like this as true companions. By Midna’s side the whole way, Link grew from a young man from the countryside to a hero of light, and from there I dream of him becoming Midna’s partner and prince (though he would be a rugged prince…)

I think Link was the one who lifted the curse on Midna’s heart.

Translation by yours truly


Custom Game Boy - Legend of Zelda Brick Wall with Hylian Crest

“Console fully carved . Paint "warm gray” bomb & brushed. Then a black Lavis to bring out the relief.  Shield resin and hand painted, ivy cut from cardboard: acrylic paint and posca , varnish and coated on one side of vinyl glue elasticity. New  lens  with protection.

Duration: Two and a half weeks.“ [x]

By Vadu Amka


I know that I’ve mentioned my favorite Lorulean Fable several times, but I’ve never actually told the tale to you to you. SO Papa Ravio is gonna read you a bedtime story tonight. Toss on your jammies and get comfy.

“Once upon a time, eons ago, the land was covered in Darkness. The Darkness was ruled by a Great Beast with claws like spears and teeth like swords. No one dare to oppose him, as that would surely mean a punishment worse than death. He was treated like a God.

The People of Lorule clung to what little light remained in their world. They cowered and huddled beneath it for if one were to leave the Light, they would become monsters like the beasts which watched them hungrily from the shadows.

Miraculously, and mysteriously, from the Light grew a shape, which became a rabbit. The rabbit glimmered in the Light and could not be harmed by the Darkness.

With great Courage, the rabbit approached the Great Beast and said, ‘I will challenge you!’ and the Great Beast laughed in amusement at the small creature before it, 'You dare challenge me? You have no power over me here!’ the Great Beast roared, but the rabbit did not falter.

The Great Beast brought it’s huge claw down upon the rabbit, blocking out its light. All hope seemed lost, until, beams of light burst through the Great Beast’s hand and the rabbit leapt forth, striking his foe down with one fell swoop.

As the beast’s power waned and Light poured forth into Lorule once again, the rabbit began to fade from this world. Before completely disappearing into the piercing light, it became a young boy with a glowing sword in his hand, proving that even the greatest of all evils could be extinguished by the smallest soul with the greatest courage.”

What’d you think?

[ooc: sorry for such a long post! I really have been wanting to do this for a while. It is meant to look similar to Sumi-e, with of course a HUGE influence from the scroll from Wind Waker. Now, I will again, make a disclaimer saying that I do not necessarily believe that the Dark World and Lorule are the same, but I feel like there may still be many connections between the two as they both depict an alternate version of a dilapidated Hyrule.]

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Chapter 22 English Scanalation
with three bonus extras to keep you going until chapter 23!

Typesetting: Lustfulcat

Translation: Yuki

Scans: The Lovely Anonymous

Redrawing of Doumeki’s tasty parts: Free Willy

Special Thanks To:

@mikachan2005 and @fantasy-zelda for their help with translations

@things-all-love @macabow and @rinomonsta for their help with the extras

And Netherminde, who goes beyond his duties as a husband by checking the chapter over for me.

This is for the amazing and sexy Saezuru fandom so please to not be sharing this on manga sites.

Many people were doing this, so I decided to do it with my five year old brother.

I simply asked him to name the characters revealed so far for SSB4 and this happened.

  • Guilless Chapter 12 clip: Tílagt Amida
  • Quiet Pastel Colours with gerudoshikyapril

This conversation was originally in English, so I translated and recorded it. I did not translate it, literally, however, I did translate as accurately as I could (remember: I had to localize it…the Gerudo have a different way of speaking than Hylians)

Special thank-you to @quietpastelcolours for letting me do this with her story

(I apologise if it’s not very good…I know I make a s***e Princess Zelda!)

English Translation (translation is from Original story written by @quietpastelcolours) and transcript (to follow along if you fancy!)


Full Story here


AMIDA: Zélda-iva, suke ashkia és?

(May I come in, Zélda-iva*?)

ZELDA: Sha. Lakin, lagassu, sa dani ash…noma bi ashkani…

(Yes. But my baby’s asleep, so could you-)

AMIDA: És danzha. Sa Tif ash fík?

(I understand. Where is sa Tif**?)

GDORF: Tílagt Amida. Bi zhavt hash?

(Tílagt Amida†. What are you doing here?)

AMIDA: Yug, itanida zhavsu-ti'e zhésasu, sæ, Va Éshi salémat. Hawal har ru æmba, bi, és azhna, és fakart.

(The Goddess has blessed me with another vision concerning your child. I thought it only right that you both know.)

GDORF: Ísk itanida zhavsu-ti'e zhésasu? Bi targim kaf?

(A vision? Of what kind?)

AMIDA: Duk, ashkia és?

(Might I sit down?)

GDORF: Kat, hawal ra zhavsu-ti'e zhésasu ash kaf?

(Now. What is this about a vision?)

AMIDA: Va zélia, læ sæ, akre insha bi?

(Will you bring the child to me?)

Hawal chol pas zhavsu-ti'e, és zhésat.

(I have seen something directly relating to all your futures)

Nævu daék hant yug ra zélia, noma Hairul bi parhef, bi insha.

(This child is the one who will face you in mortal combat, should you threaten Hyrule)

ZELDA: Ka…kaf? Piki ash and? ‘Hant’ opríl olízi hash?

(Wh – what? How can that be? What reason would she have to – to fight?)

AMIDA: Príla ‘Éshko-aktalt’ késto, har ash. And müs, zayva? Va Sarorezi bi zitmust.

(It is her Gods given duty. How could it not be? Zayva, you have birthed the courageous one.)

ZELDA: Va Sarorezi? Sarore, targim bi? Sarore ash sa dani?

(The courageous one? Do you mean – Courage? My daughter is Courage?)

AMIDA: Ísk da chufa, va Éshko'e wanho. Sa tif, fakar bi?

Pishlop zhésasu príla pémere príla babuk, wanho, Va Éshko'e inhsa. Noma har, va Adila tayt.

(The Gods have always had a peculiar sense of humour, as I’m sure you’d agree, sa Tif. They will find amusement in watching the child slay the father on the orders of the mother)

ZELDA: Va tayte zhu va adila? Moshir bi zhésat…és oli'müs…

(The orders of the mother – You must be mistaken. I wouldn’t-)

AMIDA: Étimana, bi taytot. Étimana, Va Rink, Va Zayva taytot. Müs narut ash har?

(But you always have. The princess has always directed the hero, is it not known?)

ZELDA: Shali, lakin, és…

(Well – I mean – I suppose, but I-)

AMIDA: Zayva, kaf va zhavsu'ti'e akre zhésa bi ashkia müs.

Zayva, noma bi, és kénchut, akan rekana'e, azhna, és olízi müs.

(You cannot see what the future brings, Zayva. I would not make such declarations if I were you.)

GDORF: Pi, piki, har, bi zhésat, és danzha. Sæ, salit príla taytsu ra zélia, pémere, bi zhésa.

(I take it by that you’ve seen it. You see her directing this child against me.)

AMIDA: Shipli ra ash…(On the contrary)

Twin piki tch bi naru, sa zhavsu'ti zhésasu'e késto müs.

Dénba macholu'e, és zhésa. Ísk príl, chulu, ra zélia insha. Fidalga, Tch ísk malazi, míreks, Sarore'ya tigamar ash müs. Lakin, nat fayo, és naru.

(My sight does not work like that, as you ought to know. I see certain strands; I know this child will survive to adulthood, for it is not Courage’s destiny to die in her cradle, but from there I cannot tell you. )

Salit va kwítsu'e zhu tanida'e, kwítut, príla mamar insha, sa tif, bi. Dénba rekana'e moshir piki para va zayva non bi, das, bi ashkani. Zéka, va etiti zhu príla shék, zhésa, opríl ashkani. Aks, itanida, siali íchuluk, opríl zhésa müs.

(Her path depends on the actions of others – you, sa Tif, might do something that causes the Zayva to harbour hatred in her heart, or perhaps she will see the devastation of her people and see no other way forward.)

Pas tílagtsu'e dénba zhu ési sovi müs. Zelda-iva, ési oflani kuta'e, bi kalt, tch ísk Hailishék, ru pas po indodan azhna.

Lakin, nævu Ti'e zhu Pínhant…étimana yug pas shék, tílag, bi insha.

Fidalga, Hylia Chzitmust, bi af. Ísk fano læ Hairul, bi insha müs. Narut har ash.

(Some of us have forgotten where her allegiances lie; you, Zélda-iva, have taken up our traditions to the point where only your skin marks you as foreign,

But in wartime, you will always side with your people, for as Hylia reborn, you could never betray them. It is known.)

ZELDA: Ay…sha…va Zayva zhu Hyrule, e'ata aks soshir bi af. Sa shék, zhénli, péshe, és ashkani müs. (whisper) I don’t want to have to choose between you. Please don’t make me…

(Well… yes. I’m the Princess of Hyrule, and you are right. I could never do anything that would cause harm to my people.)

AMIDA: Nahasahi promín. Nævu ru shali'e, éso gazh. Zayva, piki, bi dassu müs, és zhésa. Ra lomat, læ bi, ra yanæ, és aktal, va zhavsu'ti'e, transíl, har ashkani. Bi, zhu kaf és zhésat, azhna, és kwítut. Zi macholu zhu pas tigamare…ísk ínés zhavsu'ti'e har insha, shali.

(But all is not lost. We talk here in absolutes, but fate does not work that way. I see you, Zayva, making your resolution to not do such a thing. It is possible that this information I give you today will affect the future enough that you won’t have to. That is why I chose to tell you of what I’d seen – one strand of your fates leads to a bleak future indeed, but it may be avoided.)

ZELDA: (mumbling) Piki jkar müs…

(That doesn’t make me feel better)

AMIDA: Sa Tif, va rekana piki transíl ra…bi, hant, pas dani insha. Péshe, Va Zayva'ya non insha.

Hawal fandi fakar aks gazh, bi way, és zhésa. Bi chol, saktar, és insha. Sa Tif, da lelu.

(The thing this hinges on, sa Tif. Is how you and the Zayva feel towards the other. Hatred and suspicion will almost certainly lead to the branch of fate in which you will face your child in battle. I see you’ve much to think and talk on. I will leave you now. Sa Tif, da lelu‡.)


*Princess Zelda; it’s a Title used in the Gerudo Language to address a specific person of royalty

**My King; used to address a king

Soothsayer, Honoured Prophet; a term used to address a wise-woman with the gift of divination

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