Zelda Translate

So iny adventures in Breath of the Wild, I’ve been translating the new Hylian alphabet.
I decided to see what it said on the side of Shiekah Shrines.

Wanna know?

Very funny, Nintendo.

EDIT: Whoever was in charge of language had a ball with this one. I can now add that above every guru at the end of a trial, the text simply reads ‘GOALPOINT’.

Translation for all you English speakers~

Permission was granted for reproduction by the original artist. Editing and redistribution without permission is forbidden.

This picture is after the battle with Zant in the twilight realm. I want from the bottom of my heart for Link and Midna to say things like this as true companions. By Midna’s side the whole way, Link grew from a young man from the countryside to a hero of light, and from there I dream of him becoming Midna’s partner and prince (though he would be a rugged prince…)

I think Link was the one who lifted the curse on Midna’s heart.

Translation by yours truly


Hyrule Warriors Legends feature from this week’s Famitsu. Mostly an overview of stuff we already knew about the port, but let’s go over some stuff.

  • Unlike the original game where you could only control a single character in battle, Legends allows you to hit the field in a group of four, and simply tap their icon on the bottom screen to switch between them. 
  • The new Ocarina Warp allows you to teleport around the field quickly in a giant tornado.

  • Smash Boost Power, SBP: When fighting giant beasts, if other player characters are nearby, SBP activates, resulting in a few effects. Your magic is restored faster, damage goes up, etc.

  • The Wind Waker story takes place after Hyrule Warriors’ base story ends, when strange shit starts happening in Hyrule again. Link, on a journey, bumps into Tetra and the King. 

  • Perhaps one of the more unique additions is the new fairy system. While playing the Adventure Mode, investigating certain pots leads to finding fairies. If they join you, you become able to take them out with you onto the field. They support you with fairy magic in battle. While you can only take one out onto the field at a time, choosing one who’s element matches the stage can lead to much easier battles. You can also change their outfits and customize their skills by acquiring items in stages. 

SCANDAL; “I’ll leave it here for today. Hee. Goodnight!” - TOMOMI

Tomomi had spent some time replying to some fans’ comments on Twitter today~! Here are a bunch things she’d talked about:

Her top from today’s event is from the brand, lilLilly.

The easiest songs to play on the bass, from the new album in her opinion, were ‘Heaven na Kibun’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.

She wants to hear others mimicking her singing voice.

Previously, Tomomi bought a The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Nintendo 3DS. She’d felt so nostalgic (the first game was released in year 1998), she found herself shaking. She had like 3 tweets talking about The Legend of Zelda.