Even before doing my previous Zelda painting, I already knew that I wanted to do this. It’s themed Ocarina of Time, however there are one or two easter eggs hanging around.  ;)

I struggle to paint architecture, and if you haven’t noticed pretty much all my previous paintings have been based in nature. Couldn’t avoid it this time, so I  learned a few things!

Based on Edmund Leighton’s painting ‘Godspeed’ (1900).


Breath of the Wild - Successors

I wanted to create a series with all the main character of breath of the wild. I loved the game and the stories behind the characters.

I’ll be selling these prints at Otakuthon is 2 days :D You can buy the print at Redbubble too.

Mipha and Sidon

Daruk and Yunobo

Urbosa and Riju

Kass and Link

Old man and Zelda

Revali and Teba