Some day I’m going to have to come up with a crack headcanon about what exactly is up with the body types in Hyrule’s royal family.

I mean, yeah, it’s probably just dramatic license, but if you take it as fully diegetic, King Hyrule is a straight up beast of a man.

Ganondorf is Gerudo, so there’s at least some textual justification for him being a lanky ogre-man, but what’s King Hyrule’s excuse?

He’s like eight feet tall, and about three feet broad at the shoulder; his fist is the size of an ordinary man’s head!

And yet his daughter consistently has totally average proportions.

There’s something funny going on with the royal bloodline, is what I’m saying.

This man, this wonderful, wonderful man, gives 500% with every game he works on to make it the best experience he can. He messes up sometimes, everyone does, but he gives his all to try and make his games packed with content and please his fans.

This game is on the 3DS. If it was remade with only HD visuals and was put on the Switch, there would be people who wouldn’t even guess it was on 3DS given how much content is stuffed into Uprising. There’s a lot.

And say what you will about Brawl, but talk about ambitious. A full-fledged story mode with Nintendo’s characters interacting with one another through cutscenes, Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog in the game, a bunch of modes and achievements, online play, 258 songs (not including variations or sound effects), live orchestrated music (main theme with Latin lyrics sung by a mixed choir), save battle replays, Stage Builder, etc.

And this man continued to work on the Super Smash Bros. series despite his calcific tendinitis (extreme pain near his shoulder) which affected him whenever moving his arm and did so against his doctor’s instruction to rest.

Masahiro Sakurai does what he can to make fans happy.

Can you even imagine how difficult it was to bring back every character from all of the Super Smash Bros. games? Especially Snake?

He did that because he didn’t want people to be disappointed that they would lose a character like in previous installments. And has included some of the most fan-requested characters people have wanted for over 15 years like Ridley and King K. Rool.

Stop complaining your favorite character didn’t get in and leave Masahiro Sakurai alone. The fact that I’ve had make another post about this makes me disappointed in the fanbase and sad for Sakurai.

Leave him alone.