Vampire knight // My favorite ships’ eyes (although I don’t like Ichiru x Maria that much)
I picked those eyes from the four extra chapters (except for Maria, Ichiru, Rima and Shiki)
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(I don’t know why I drew Zero twice!)

EDIT: Maybe I’ll make a second part with Shizuka x Ichiru; Seiren & Yagari; Kaien, Juri, Haruka; Sara x Takuma; Kaname & the Hooded woman and/or Yuki. BUT THOSE ARE NOT MY FAVORITE SHIPS so, maybe. Just maybe.

GUYS in like a week we’ll see our beautiful cinnamon roll, Zero, be beautiful and his cute little cinnamon roll, Ren, and the whole fam and we’ll die of blood loss from nosebleeds when seeing them all together loving eachother I can’t wait anymore!!!!!!

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