DRUM MAJOR AU!! (aka Zecilys has to keep Perry from evaporating at every tournament because he has the biggest crush on the meanest and most egotistical drum major in the district.)

anonymous asked:

do any of your characters have official "image animals ? "

I have like, actual sports I picked out for them, but I’M WEAK, I LOVE ESPORT UNIFORMS, AND SO I GIVE YOU THIS COMPLETELY TANGENTIAL ART with a vague mention of their theme animals LMAO

In reality though, their motifs would stay the same in other sports like, for Zecilys, boxing & extreme sports, Peraleus, table tennis & esports lmao, Aaron, badminton. In canon Zecilys would stay a mongoose, Per’s would absolutely be a dog, Aaron’s would switch between a snake and a rabbit lmfao.

(Also I’m sorry for the delay in answering this anon LMAO…I had no idea what image animals were until this morning lmfao;;; I’m a terrible sports anime….)


153.4.5. Some stuff I’ve been working on for the last few days. I’ve been too sad and stagnant for too long and it’s time to stahp, cos I didn’t go to school just to become stressed and intimidated by a medium I love!