DRUM MAJOR AU!! (aka Zecilys has to keep Perry from evaporating at every tournament because he has the biggest crush on the meanest and most egotistical drum major in the district.)

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do any of your characters have official "image animals ? "

I have like, actual sports I picked out for them, but I’M WEAK, I LOVE ESPORT UNIFORMS, AND SO I GIVE YOU THIS COMPLETELY TANGENTIAL ART with a vague mention of their theme animals LMAO

In reality though, their motifs would stay the same in other sports like, for Zecilys, boxing & extreme sports, Peraleus, table tennis & esports lmao, Aaron, badminton. In canon Zecilys would stay a mongoose, Per’s would absolutely be a dog, Aaron’s would switch between a snake and a rabbit lmfao.

(Also I’m sorry for the delay in answering this anon LMAO…I had no idea what image animals were until this morning lmfao;;; I’m a terrible sports anime….)

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The returning Anon returns// Sorry I been dry of questions to ask lately;; But I'm interested to know, does Perry, Aaron or Zecilys having any hobbies? And do they have any other talents besides their abilities? (Like for example being good at singing, dancing, or art) If you can't answer, I hope it gave you some thoughts! Thanks for reading!

Peraleus is the most musically inclined of the three! That doesn’t mean a whole lot, but they’re very enthusiastic about music. Not a terrible singer, but obviously never did it outside of a hobby. Also who would have guessed, they love to read and write. Logic games and brainteasers are right up their alley.

Aaron acts like a closeted recluse but he’s actually got quite a deal of wanderlust. Outside of that, he LOVE TO COOK, which is slightly ironic given Versans’ notoriously tasteless meals (among the common class). He’s also inclined to artistic pursuits, though it’s also clearly a hobby, and tries to keep up with the latest fashion trends, even if he can’t afford to right now.

Zecilys is the most active of the three. SHE LOVE TO HIKE! She loves the great outdoors and is a major burgeoning green thumb (thanks to her dad, who also loves gardening). She also likes sticking her nose where she probably shouldn’t, and is always eager to try something new and push herself further. Despite her inclinations towards action, she does enjoy reading, particularly about history.

Sorry I haven’t had the chance to answer your last question – I wanted to give a good answer on character design but it made me think a lot;; So thank you for your patience. (And welcome back! LMAO don’t feel pressured to send asks, but I’ve had fun answering them so far.)