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My favorite Liam 2016 moments!

In no particular order, I present to you my favorite Liam moments of 2016! A year in which we got more candids than ever, but still felt like it wasn’t enough. A year in which Liam made our dreams and his true by pursuing his own solo dreams. A year that was more of a prep time, to test our patience and love for him. For all those who made it. This is for you. 2017 is coming and it’s going to be the BEST yet.

His tattoo game was strong this year. Looking forward to the full sleeve on his Gryffindor arm.

The Nike Sweats and American Football player situation 

PAYNETON! Yep. This random friendship that we haven’t been able to really see much of is still one of my fave 2016 developments. Anyone who loves my boy is okay by me.

Cannes! Cannes made it to my top fave moments. He was so LUSH. They were beautiful. I live for Liam and that LUX life.


 He graced us with some great selfies this year, but this one broke me. It was the best post Thanskgiving gift a gal could receive. 

Doyen. Republic. Capitol UK. Honestly, Liam made some power moves this year that I can admittedly say that even I was unprepared for.  Especailly Republic, which was my dream label from the start of the year. They are inarguably the best in the game, and I always want Liam on a winning team. They chose well. It’s been 2 months since he officially signed with them, and I’m still geeked about it. Now we wait to see how this solid team takes Liam to the next level and beyond and hope it’s something even bigger than I could dream of. 2L17. 

Juicy J/TM88/Liam Payne connection 

Another random moment that didn’t really turn into much in the end, but still feels really important for me to highlight. I have no real proof of what actually ended up happening to all of those songs, but I’m glad that Liam got to experience this, if only to get his feet wet. And he earned TM88′s, one of the dopest producers out there,  genuine respect and praise. 

The Brits 2016! No surprise here. I love these two. We got a legit LILO date, we won a Brit, and we got the both of them looking stunning. Winning.

This buzz cut kicked my ass. He honestly rocked the hell out of this do and I was feeling every glance we got.

You feat. Liam Payne. x

This happened the day after my birthday. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The song came seemingly out of nowhere, and even tho it was a rough-cut, Liam’s vocals were still on point. And then the laugh. And then the hundreds of positive articles and reviews on the demo. Icing on the cake. 

The Rihanna/Bey concerts. These two particular occurences made me so happy. Hoping he got inspireed and at least dance and wear some crop tops on stage.

Liam at the mall with dog

So as most of you probably know, I live out here in LA. Mere minutes from all of the boys, and even closer to this MALL, where Liam lives part time. THIS DAMN MALL that Liam keeps popping up at when I’m not there. And on this particular day, I actually had plans to be at the mall and I just…couldn’t be bothered to go. HA. And look what I might have seen? Liam and this puppy. Liam in his habitat. I’m forever sad about this. Definitely a great 2k16 moment.

The return of Pharrell Williams and studio Liam. IMO, the Pharell picture made the whole process that much more REAL. A lot of people underestimate Liam’s ability to do this. Whether it’s because of his star quality, his likebility, his talent or just existing, he’s constantly being pushed aside and ignored or doubted. But I LOVE that he doesn’t function like that. He wants the best, he’s made strong moves and alliances to help him get there, and guess what? He’ll be there. Wherever or whatever he wants to acheive, he will. 


But okay, hands down the BEST NIGHT OF 2016. A night so good even Skrillex had to close shop and come hang out with the baes. We got Liam on stage, looking like he never left it. You got Zedd, channeling his inner me, looking like it was the best thing EVER. And we got TONS of footage. A+. More Zeddiam. Ledd. Zeam in 2L17.

I am Bolt premiere. I’m still in Payne. Liam looked INCREDIBLE. And if I’m not mistaken, this was also the first true solo red carpet appearance since he’s gone solo. 10/10

Brotherhood. This letter says everything you need to know about Liam, Lilo, and love.I really don’t think I need to explain this. RIP Johannah

THIS LOOK. A lot of people seem too be struggling about how to feel about Liam’s aesthetic. I am definitetly not on that struggle. I’m so into it. This picture nearly ended me. I love it. All of it. Do you Liam. People are out here letting the others wear whatever the hell they wanna wear and so can you.


The most profitable #askliam in the history of #askliams, this particular set not only got fandom excited, it got major press, AND it helped land him on TWO billboard charts.  This was reminscent to old school Liam with a twist and it was fun.

Santa Liam! Our charitable king strikes again. Liam doesn’t like to bring attention to his charitable side, but it’s always nice to hear about it.