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Nooooooo i'm gonna die please. I love Liam and zayn's love so mucho 😭😭😭

liam: “I think, I think for me one of the main things I’ve learned from being in this position, I’m gonna say the same for you actually, like when I used to out to parties and stuff like, with like family parties and like, and somebody would come up to talk to ya ya didn’t really know, i wouldn’t really be able to hold a conversation.

zayn: “yeah awkward”

liam: “cuz you’d be like, oh, yum, cuz I was a bit shy, but I’m not really that shy anymore. And the same for you, like Zayn and I were actually really quiet when we came into the band but now you can’t shut us up”


Zayn got a new tattoo.

The little bandage on his forearm is used to maintain the stretch film his arm is wrapping in (for those who actually thinks that the tattoo is under that bandage)

The pic is not HD, but it seems like his Perrie’s tattoo, or at least a big part of it has been absorbed by the new inking…

What do you think?