Zayn girl


ello beb u okay?! izthatuyah? @lobstah

If 1d wasn't famous and had twitter

Harry: some random deep quotes, tweets about mick jagger, old legends, never posts selfies, bio probably some quote from nirvana or elton john.

Louis: constantly swearing and @ people all the time, tweets about TV shows and incredibly sassy bio.

Zayn: tweets about music, drake, chris brown etc. posts selfies no stop, bio probably has some weed quote

Liam: always posting pictures of his girlfriend, talking about what he does every moment of the day, bio always changing, dp always changing

Niall: always tweeting about soccer and girls he probably would get friendzone by, always posting selfies with his friends and posting derby pictures

zayn bios

OLA AMORES então do nada mme deu vontade de fazer umas bios então ta ai do malikinho mas se pegarem like ou cdt no @ZAINTIMA ok obrigada 

esse tal de zayn malik só veio pra foder com a minha vida

garota vc acha que eu to bem?????? olha pra mim sou zayn girl 

[zayn’s voice] best fans in the world

[(seu nome)’s voic] to namorando o zayn malik mas n sei se ele me namora

se vc n é zayn malik o que ainda esta fazendo aqui?

vc pode estar esperando uma conta legal mas n aqui é fc pra viado vulgo zayn malik ja to avisando não vem reclamar 


so i’m at office depot to get some last minute school supplies, and since I have some extra money I buy another one direction notebook, the guy at the cashier is like who’s your favorite, and i’m like Zayn, and he gets all happy and gives me a high five and he’s all like “omg I love him too, no one ever tells be he’s their favorite, I never really liked Harry.” and i’m like omg and i dont know it made my day I had to share it.


I needed my own little something to give to Zayn. I know this isn’t goodbye, you’ll always be in One Direction to me, but it will never be the same. Thank you Zayn, and I wish you the best in everything you do. (I pray you’ll come back happier and healthier one day)