“The hardest part of being royal must be public scrutinity. Everyone has an opinion about everything related you (without even knowing you): why she/he does that? why wears that? I can’t imagine the deeply sorrow of Zara Phillips when she lost her baby and she had to face it publicly; or the pressure around Princess Stéphanie of Luxembourg for not having a child and heir; William and Harry were forced to attend to their mother’s public funeral. Even if you’re broken, you had to stand formal.“ - Submitted by monarchs-house

“I admire that the new generation of British royal moms like Sarah Chatto, Sophie of Wessex, Autumn Phillips and Zara Tindall are more interested in being good mothers rather than public figures. The bond with your child is such an important deal while he/she is growing up. The past generations of The Royal Family grew up so prived of maternal/paternal love that most of them grow up broken. I praise that Diana tried to make her part, and that William and Catherine follow her example.“ - Submitted by kitty-regina

One thing you do learn is how many other people have had to go through the same. The saving grace for us has been Mia, our daughter who is now three. However down we feel she will come running up in our faces. When I was playing (rugby) I hardly saw her; now we can see her grow up. I can take her swimming and I can take her to Ninja Tots. You’ll never be able to see her there because she disappears in a puff of smoke.
—  Mike Tindall in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Times on how he and wife, Zara Phillips, coped after the miscarriage of their second child this past December.