This indie designer is exposing her legal battle with Zara over allegedly stolen designs

Los Angeles-based clothing and accessories designer Tuesday Bassen is at odds with Zara over the alleged theft of her designs. Tuesday night, Bassen posted an excerpt of Zara’s response to a cease-and-desist notice her attorney sent the giant corporate fashion house alongside comparative images of the pins and patches in question.

Soon, the hashtag #SupportTuesdayBassen surfaced on social media with her followers tweeting at Zara and bombarding the fashion house’s Instagram account with hundreds of comments. But as others pointed out on Wednesday, this is hardly the first time Zara has been accused of blatantly ripping off young, lesser-known designers.


ZARA stole a ton of my friend Tuesday Bassen’s art, and when she hired a lawyer to contact them, they sent her a really shitty response (see above).

As this is happening, we’ve also noticed over a dozen other artists whose work has been reproduced without permission on other products this summer, including my own

All of this is happening at once. This is not a collage of alleged theft over several years. This is all June/July 2016. ZARA is telling independent artists that they don’t matter.

Support the artists by purchasing their originals from them directly. I’ve put together comparison images and links to everyone’s websites here:

This artist launched an online store to sell designs allegedly ripped off by Zara

Angry about the trend of corporate fashion brands ripping off young indie designers? Then Adam J. Kurtz’s new online store is made for you. The Brooklyn designer and artist created an “Unauthorized Reproductions” store on Wednesday devoted exclusively to selling designs that were allegedly ripped off by Zara.

The store features the work of 12 indie artists whose pins and patches are suspiciously identical to ones that showed up in Zara’s 2016 summer catalog. Included among the artists is Tuesday Bassen, the popular underground designer whose legal battle with Zara went viral after she posted the company’s condescending response to her claims online.

The original designs are shown on the store page alongside the alleged Zara copies. And yeah, they are exactly the same.