The ‘Demon House’ That Was So Haunted, It Had To Be Demolished

 As a paranormal investigator, you might’ve thought that Zak Bagans likes ghosts. Not the ones at Indiana’s “demon house”, however. Bagans, the presenter of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, was so concerned by the goings on at this haunted house that he purchased it then tore it down. Lo…

Every Ghost Adventures episode ever
  • Zak pretends not to be terrified
  • Zak gets annoyed at one of the guys (usually Aaron)
  • Aaron makes an innuendo/ bad joke
  • Someone trips/ falls over
  • The guys hear an entire aria in an EVP that just sounds like rustling
  • “At this exact moment…”
  • “Was this spirit (Zak describes a totally random action)???”
  • Nick feels sick/ gets chills
  • The guys see a human figure in a formless blob/ an orb that looks like a moth
  • Aaron gets left on his own
  • Zak yells “SHHH”
  • Zak continues to yell “SHHH” for a full minute after everyone else has shut up
  • Nick tries to sass the ghosts
  • Zak does something ridiculous “to get evidence”
  • Nick starts full on screaming
  • At least one super close up shot of Aaron making this face: