I know the iPad is meant to be all about the power of the keybordless tablet; future of the post-PC era, which enables us to use touch screen technology we’ve only seen in movies to replace physical interaction with a hassle-inducing keyboard… But you don’t get used to the new technology really quick. Sure–it’s amazing not to have to carry a keyboard, but it’s even more amazing if you can carry one that adds minimum weight to your iPad, and not only that but so much more.

The ZAGGmate is not only a Bluetooth keyboard attachment, but also a genius and beautiful case that protects your iPad, and that also works as a stand for whenever you are in need to comfortably watch Netflix or a YouTube video.

In short, I need one. Like, now.


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The Invisible Shield for iPhone 4 by ZAGG

Not 2 weeks ago I heard of a horror story that left me pale and awestruck. The main character was no less than the amazing iPhone 4, not going against water(that would be terrible) and neither was it versus something sharp(a bit too much I might say). Instead, our bad guy was solid. Rough and solid asphalt while the i4 went tumbling all over the road after it escaped from it’s owner’s pocket riding a motorcycle at high speeds like in an action film to be exact. i4 survived another day but not without the wounds to remember the accident by. I was lucky to see what remained of it after the incident; a couple of serious scratches on its facade and a few scrapings all over the backside. What gave me trauma though were the chipped pieces off the edges along the sides formed by the unit and the metal band around it. It looked like a prematurely cut tree bark waiting for the lumberjack to scream “Timber!”. The horror, I know. Even at this point,  I feel lucky to have never experienced these happening to my i4. The worst I got were very light scratches made when my baby tried to use our front door key as a stylus which was handled excellently by some cheap screen protectors. As I’ve said before, I don’t use bumpers, silicon cases or leather enclosures because the i4 looks best in its naked glory. The problem with that is the metal band because I only have 2 screen protectors to keep it safe from scratches and yes, chippings!

So when I came across the Invisible Shield by ZAGG somewhere in Galleria, I knew I found something worth buying. This is something I already saw online even before I got i4. Thing is, the negative reviews are just as much as the positive ones. But I decided to go for it anyway because it provided all-around protection for the low price of 1500 PHP. And get this, at any point that you should be dissatisfied with this product, they will replace it for free but you’re gonna pay for the shipping of 400 bucks which makes it not free at all and that sucks. It’s been 2 days from when I had it ‘shielded’ and the experience is good so far, almost near perfect for someone who only wants screen and side protection without the bulk and extravagance of cases and bumpers. It definitely improves your grip on the phone even for guys like me who have sweaty palms(yuck, I know). The retina display isn’t also affected by this accessory and in fact makes it even more glossy without too much glare. For starters, here’s what ZAGG promises you:

  • Maximum Coverage includes 0.2 mm thick invisibleSHIELD strips to cover the antennas/stainless steel frame
  • Military grade patented material engineered for your Apple iPhone 4
  • Unique properties provide self-healing qualities
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fingerprint smudges and smears
  • Includes free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device
  • Trusted worldwide with over 20 million invisibleSHIELDs sold

And remember that this is NOT exclusively sold for the i4. There is an iShield for thousands of electronic devices not limited to phones, laptops, cameras and a lot more. I will be updating you all on the status of this product in the coming months to help clear whatever doubts you may have. As early as now though, I can boldly say that this has gave me peace of mind and taken off fear of badly chipped i4s. Whew!

Labor of frustration and failure, in a box

My review of the Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector I wrote for Best Buy. There’s a chance they may not post it:

Multiple attempts at installing this will fill you with naught but frustration and rage. The edges will never quite match up. The ridiculous “application solution” of dubious origin will seep out and all over your phone/device. The bubbles will never disappear. You will curse the creators of this device and their progeny for several generations hence. You may well scream and cry, but there will be no succor for you. The application solution mentioned before? Perhaps it is the distilled tears of those who have come before you.

Just when you think you’ve achieved some passable result, you will find the tiny hair that has appeared under the protector surface - as if conjured by some dark, foul magic - and lodged itself deeply in the adhesive backing.

And you will never be able to remove it. Not even the remaining application solution tears of woe will wet it enough.

In short, no, do not buy this. It’s a pain to put on.

So my girlfriend ( @misakizard ) and I took the time to nab some abilities off of these gems.
And this is what we got so far. It’s what we were able to make out.

Stone of the Sun - Flying Power

Pearl of the Mysteries - Infinite Lucky Charms

Pearl of the Heart - Cure the ???

Pearl of the Sea - Breathe and move Underwater

Stone of the Moon - ??? and ??? in space

If anyone can help out figure what it all says, that’d be great.
Viewing Topic: ZAGGs invisibleSHIELD Other Accessories Available for Verizon iPhone

The invisibleSHIELD is ZAGG’s patent-pending, military-grade, virtually invisible and indestructible film, available in over 5,000 designs for the most popular electronics. As the original thin film full-body protector, the invisibleSHIELD covers millions of devices all around the world from bumps, scratches, and dings, and includes a lifetime replacement warranty. ZAGGskins are customized high-quality images and designs fused with the invisibleSHIELD to provide personalized protection. The invisibleSHIELD designs for Apple products, including the iPad®, iPhone and iPod® lines, are some of ZAGG’s most popular products.

“The iPhone line, and in particular the iPhone 4, have been immensely successful products for ZAGG,” said Derek Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ZAGG. “We are very excited to see what happens when Apple combines the hottest smartphone with the country’s largest carrier. We are expecting big things for the invisibleSHIELD and our other amazing accessories.”


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Product review of the decade: ZAGGfoam

You like ZAGG, I know you do. You’ve got that invisibleshield on your iPhone, i’ve seen it. You’re always showing it off by rubbing your house keys on it. They make great stuff.

This is another great thing they make. ZAGGfoam. It’s a foam-based cleaner for your gadgets, comes with a microfiber cloth, and costs $10 through ZAGG’s website. I bought mine at a mall kiosk for $12 while my wife was getting her new(est) iPhone installed with invisibleshields. 

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$ZAGG trade walkthrough

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a little tech company called Zagg who make the InvisibleShield for cellphones. I dug into the numbers and liked everything I saw. So here’s how that trade ended up and how I decided when to enter and exit the trade.

This is why breakouts can be such an easy and effective way to make money. People who are short suddenly rush to cover as their stop-loss targets get triggered, while the momentum traders jump in. This double whammy can cause explosive moves higher.

I’m very happy with how this particular trade worked out and will use it as a reference point going forward. I will also be monitoring the stock closely to look for another opportunity to get back in. The long-term prospects for this company are very bright.