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Today in Music - April 13th, 1996

Rage Against the Machine performs on Saturday Night Live. The band’s set is cut short when they attempt to hang inverted American flags from their amps. 

If you are a blog in any way related to any of the following bands

- Muse
- Nirvana
- Rage Against The Machine
- Twenty One Pilots
- Placebo
- Green Day
- Guns n Roses
- Panic! At The Disco
- Royal Blood
- Gorillaz
- Coldplay

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Rage Against the Machine
1992 Epic Records
01. Bombtrack
02. Killing in the Name
03. Take the Power Back
04. Settle for Nothing
05. Bullet in the Head
06. Know Your Enemy
07. Wake Up
08. Fistful of Steel
09. Township Rebellion
10. Freedom

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