BVS: A very “serious movie” dealing with “serious subject matters and themes” that lacks any “humor” or “Fun.” “Too dark” “I no understand” “Y NO DanCe off or talking racoons?!” - Rotten Tomato “Critics”


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) dir. Zack Snyder

dear zack snyder and the whole dceu cast & crew,

Kara/Supergirl is hope and goodness personified, driven to save people by little more than the stubborn belief that they’re worth saving. According to the always image-conscious Cat, this means that Supergirl must be perfect and, by extension, can’t be human, but Kara’s humanity, so to speak, is ultimately what makes her a hero. Where her big-screen counterparts are defined and limited by their powers, Kara is defined—and freed—by her restraint. As exemplified by her encounter with a would-be robber in the episode “Human for a Day,” she doesn’t need to resort to violence or even to use her super-strength, freeze breath, or any of her other exceptional abilities to save the day. She proves herself not by winning battles and defeating enemies, but by helping people.
  • Y'all:omg Batman killing is so ooc it made me so uncomfortable!
  • Me:it's supposed to be ooc. You're supposed to feel uncomfortable. There is nothing comforting about being damaged and lost. About mental trauma and illness. You are supposed to see someone who feels he has nothing more to lose after the brutal murder of Jason Todd, who was like his child in his eyes. Someone whose every breath, every step, is filled with darkness and trauma and fear and anger and hurt. Someone who is without any semblance of hope.
  • Me:What is the ultimate way to show you are at your lowest point in life? By becoming the one thing you hate the most. Bruce became what he hated whether he realized it or not. He became an enemy of himself. Alfred knew this. And he could do nothing about it. It wasn't until Superman, an alien whose actions are all that spoke for him, made the ultimate sacrifice for mankind that Bruce was re-taught what he stood for. That "men are still good".
  • Y'all:Batman doesn't kill anymore in Suicide Squad. DC is finally learning from Snyder's mistakes!
  • Me:Everything post-BvS is meant to show Bruce learning from the events of BvS. How Supes indirectly (and yeah at times, directly) saved Batman and turned him back into a hero. It's called character development and would not have been possible without the events of BvS.
  • Y'all:b-
  • Me:shut 🔪 up 🔪🔪 :)

“ I bet your parents taught you that you mean something, that you’re here for a reason. My parents taught me a different lesson, dying in the gutter for no reason at all… They taught me the world only makes sense if you force it to. ”

Ben Affleck as The Batman in BVS: Dawn of Justice & Suicide Squad