Just a Zartin funny moment...

@whyldkratts what if Martin realizes that he still has Zach’s inventors notebook from when he gave it to him in the bullfrog episode, and he decides to look in it, and at the same time Zach is looking for it then he’s like “Oh shi-”

Then Martin turns to a page and on that page is Martin’s name with hearts around it. Just around it is “Z x M” or 💓💓💙💙💙MARTIN❤❤❤💙❤


The new designs! And finally- Group photos! I thought I wasn’t gonna get finished but ta-da! Hard work!

The winners are A2, B3, C2, D1, E1, F1, G2, H3, I1, J2, K2, L1

Involves 2 martins- Homeworld and crystal gem martin :)

If you have any questions about the outfits just shoot me an ask! I’ll try and answer it asap :D


Ladies and gentlemen, the voice behind Gourmand and Zach Varmitech from Wild Kratts, Zachary Bennett. He also voices a character on Total Drama Pahkitew Island. 19:26 onwards is the best part.


This is here because of two things: Skyfall’s newest trend of Chris and Zach and just because of an RP that IJ Girl and I were writing last night, where Zach’s father was abusing him as well as bullies that locked him in the school janitor closet. Chris opens the door and tries to figure out what was happening to him.

I have a theory that Chris and Zach actually were friends as kids but when Zach started to stray, using animals for inventing, Chris tried to reach out to his friend, trying to get him on the right path, which he still does today. We’ve seen this sort of thing in Wild Kratts before. (like in Bass Class and Race for the Hippo Disc, etc.)