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Gross Love Thing||Daniel Seavey||Why Don’t We Imagine

Prompts:    “Im too sober for this”  and   “Oh god, I need a drink”

Warning: Swearing

“Y/N, are you ready yet? We’re all waiting on you, babe!” You hear Daniel shout from downstairs. You slip a pair of black heels on and grab your clutch before turning off the light in the bedroom. Your heels click on the wooden stairs as you descend, all five of the WDW boys standing at the front door waiting for you. Your fingers lightly graze the metal rail, the cold biting into your skin. You look at the boys and find Daniel staring at you, his mouth slightly ajar. When you reach the bottom of the staircase, Daniel takes your hand, helping you down the last step. 

“What’s that face for?” You ask, giggling. Daniel looks you up and down, from your perfectly curled hair to your tight fitted dark blue dress, all the way down to your sleek, jet black heels. 

“You just look… absolutely stunning.” He smiles, the gap in his front teeth showing. 

“Why, thank you. You don’t look half bad yourself.” You say while straightening his tie. You and the boys were on your way to one of Logan’s parties. You were a bit confused when he told you to wear something formal, but you didn’t question it. Daniel was the only one of the boys wearing a tie, the rest of them going with a dress shirt and a jacket.

Daniel holds you by the waist as you snake your arms around his neck. You rest your forehead against his and close your eyes. 

“Bleh! Can you guys stop touching each other? You’re making me nauseous.” Zach grumbles, making a face of utter disgust. Everyone laughs lightly, and you take a step back from your boyfriend for Zach’s sake. 

Jonah’s phone buzzes and he glances at it. “The UBER’s here.” He says before opening the door. You all pile into the black SUV, Zach running to get shotgun. 

“Vvvvelcome to ma party guys!” Logan slurs into your ear as the six of you walk onto the roof of the hotel where he had invited you. He starts leaning into you and nearly falls to the ground when you fail to hold up his weight. 

“Logan, are you drunk?!” You hiss at him, venom dripping from your voice. 

“Hahahaha… yeah.” He responds, his eyelids drooping shut and snapping open again. The boys just laugh while you stand there holding up a man about twice your size. 

“You’re the host! You can’t be drunk at your own party.” You scold, dropping him on the nearest couch you could find. 

“Izzz fine. Ayla will take care of the guests.” He says, waving off your paranoia. 

“Ayla isn’t even your assistant anymore, Lydia is.” Your brows furrow as you try to get through to this drunk goofball. 

“Who? I can’t remember a Tibia…” He laughs and laughs at himself, and eventually falls asleep. A small figure appears from across the roof and hurriedly makes its way towards you. 

“Ugh, I knew leaving him alone at the bar was a bad idea.” Lydia says, shaking her head. “Sorry if he caused you guys any trouble. I can take it from here.” She smiles up at you and the boys. 

“Thanks, Lydia. Do you happen to know where the drinks for us under-aged people may be?” You ask, looking around the party. You spy the punch bowl on the far side just as Lydia points it out to you. She starts pulling Logan up off the couch as you follow the boys to the other end of the roof. 

“Come on you drunk fuck.” You hear her mumble under her breath as she drags Logan away. 

“Yo Zach!! Look at meeee!” Jack yells so loudly it makes you jump. You turn around to see Jack climbing the glass wall that acts as a barrier to keep people from falling off the roof. 

“Brooo, that looks fun as hell! Can I try?” Zach shouts, running at Jack. You panic, trying to think of a way to stop Zach and throw your shoe at him. It hits him right in the head and he nearly falls over. Daniel and Corbyn laugh as Zach’s head snaps in your direction, his expression like something straight out of Looney Tunes. 

“Wha was that forrrr?!” He says as you walk over to him, feeling like his mom. 

“What is wrong with you? You can’t climb the wall!” You look over at Jack, still hanging off the barrier. “And neither can you, Avery! Get back down here!” He looks at you defiantly, his eyes narrowing. Then, as he keeps eye contact with you, he lets go of the wall with one hand. “Jack Avery!! Do you want to die?!” 

“I’m living life on the edge, baby!!” He yells, throwing his head back. Brendan rushes over and grabs Jonah’s arm. 

“Help me get over, dude.” He says it like he’s done it a million times, and since he’s with Logan all day, you assume that he has. 

After about five minutes, Brendan and Jonah were able to get Jack back on the roof. You put him next to Zach, both of them seated on the floor. You put your hands on your hips and look at them expectantly. They just look up at you through lowered brows, pouty lips out on full display. 

“I swear you two. Where the hell did you get alcohol?” 

“They’ve been drinking punch since we got here, and that’s it. I’ve been with them the whole time.” Jonah explains, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. 

“Has anyone else had the punch?” You ask, tapping your foot on the concrete. Daniel holds up his cup. 

“Water.” He says as Corbyn holds up his as well. 

“Sprite.” You walk over to the bowl and grab the ladle and a cup. 

“Wait, stop! You can’t have any!” Jack yells before you can pour any. 

“Why not..?” Corbyn asks, one eyebrow raised. 

“Cause… that’s my special juice.” Jack responds matter-of-factly, crossing his arms over his chest. The boys laugh as you stand there more confused than ever. You look at Daniel for help. 

“He spiked the punch.” He explains. 

An hour later you find yourself at the Grove with the guys. You rub your arms, the breeze making you shiver. Something soft brushes over your shoulders and you look to find that Daniel had given you his jacket. He smiles down at you, giving you a one dimpled grin. He reaches for your hand and you lean into his side as you walk down the path trailing behind the others. You see Zach and Jack pulling leaves off of the trees and throwing them at each other. 

“Take this you stupid, child!” Jack yells as he showers Zach with dead leaves. 

“Child?! I’m only two years younger than you, you curly headed fool!” He shouts throwing one leaf from the palm of his hand at a time at Jack. Corbyn and Jonah go to run up the down escalator and vice versa. Daniel sits by the fountain’s edge, pulling you down to perch on his lap. The drunk ones’ look at the two of you and run towards you. 

“Here we go.” You whisper. 

“I’m too sober for this.” Daniel murmurs into you back. You laugh, slapping his knee playfully. 

“And you two, with your stupid, mushy, gross love thing! Take this!” Jack booms, dumping an entire pile of leaves on your heads. 

“Yeah!” Zach echos, daintily placing a single leaf on top of the pile with his thumb and forefinger. The pair runs away, cheering and chanting loudly. 

“Oh God, I need a drink, *bleh*!” Daniel coughs against your spine. “Sorry. Leaf in my mouth.” 

“Is this what it’s gonna be like when I have kids?” You ask, picking the leaves off of you and out of your dress. 

“Don’t you mean ‘when we have kids’?” You turn your head and look at your boyfriend, his goofy smile still in place even as he picks dead leaves out of his hair. He notices your stare and smiles at you. 

“Yeah, babe. When we have kids.” You kiss him once, pressing your lips to his gently. 

“I love you.” He says, pulling you into a tight hug. 

“Right back atcha.” You smile into the crook of his neck, not wanting to let go. 

Zach Herron - Brendan North’s Sister

A/N: If you don’t know who Brendan North is, for a start…You are NOT in the logang! It will be explained more in the short story if you’re confused.

Summary: I was just a camera enthusiast’s little sister who is friends with a famous vlogger..what could possibly go wrong??

Warning: None <3


Being friends with Logan Paul was difficult..constantly being pranked, cut by plate pieces and barely getting enough sleep - annoying would be an understatement. How did I know Logan, you may ask? I’m his ‘assistant’s’ little sister - Brendan North - he filmed for Logan, and had his own channel as well.

I had met Logan one day when I had to go into work with my brother, because I was in the middle of moving house and my parent’s were out, so I had nowhere to go. Logan had thrown a plate at me and I had thrown him to ground (even though I’m very small, I’m very strong). Since then he’s been like a second brother to me. 

Today I was gong to be a ‘behind the scenes’ photographer for a music video by ‘Why Don’t We’, some friends of Logan. I basically had to take photos of them caught off guard, filming the video, for promo for the EP.

Me, Logan and Brendan arrived at the Why Don’t We boy’s house, and oh my HOLY JESUS it was big. We walked inside and to a small room, which I assumed was the living room, to see 5 boys, sprawled across various couches, all staring down at their phones. I saw Logan gesture to Brendan to get the camera out, and he did so - Logan then grabbed it, pressed record and screamed:

“HEY BOYS!” Before pretending to shoot them with his hands in a gun motion ,with them all one by one ‘dying.’

“THAT’S MUH BOISSSS!” He yelled, making me giggle, as they all got up and looked at me. Some had their mouths wide open, some looked me up and down, and Brendan filmed Logan looking at me, then the boys, then me, then the boys ect.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I giggled. It looked as if the one with curly hair was about to say something, but the smallest one, with bright red cheeks, stopped him.

“Um..No, I-it’s’re so beautiful..” He stuttered, making me blush and smile ear to ear.

“Ooooo, Zachary has a crushhhh!” Logan cooed, and the rest of the boys laughed, except Brendan - he looked angry.

“Hey! I was just saying what everyone was thinking!” He explained, but failed as everyone jabbed his stomach and ruffled his hair, before walking off, laughing with each other. We all followed them into the kitchen before Logan introduced me to them.

“So, this is y/n,” he said, gesturing to me, “and y/n, this is Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack and Zach,” He said, pointing to each as he went. There were a couple ‘Hi’s and ‘How are you?’s but I couldn’t help but look at Zach, who’s cheeks were still blazing. He walked over and began to talk to me, the other boys listening eagerly to what he was going to say.

“Hey, s-sorry if I embarrassed you over there a minute ago, I really didn’t mean-”

“Zach, it’s ok, really. If anything, you should be the one who’s embarrassed!” I laughed, as well as the boys.

“Do you want to go talk somewhere more private?” He asked, an I nodded. Before we could leave, Brendan called out to us.

“Hey, Zach! Look after her, ok!” Brendan joked, and the others laughed. But I could sense some seriousness in his words, and I think Zach did too.

“O-Okay, Brendan.” He says hesitantly, before taking my arm and pulling me away. I laughed at how nervous he was when he was cute. Wait - I didn’t just call him cute, did I? Oh, god, I can’t be falling for someone again.

He took me to what I assume was his bedroom. We sat down on his bed, and talked for a little bit, about everything - hobbies, the future, relationships etc.

“So, does a pretty girl like you have a boyfriend?” he asked, trying to be confident, but you could tell he was nervous for the answer.

“I do actually, and he wouldn’t appreciate you calling me ‘pretty girl’.” I said, trying to to let a smirk escape my lips.

“O-oh…” His voice trailed off. I burst out laughing and he looked at me with a disappointed/ confused expression on his face. “What?” He asked.

“I was kidding, Zach! No, of course I’m single, who would date a potato like me?” I laughed, but soon stopped because his face had stayed serious.

“You’re kidding, right? You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” He exclaimed. It was now my turn to blush, and trust me - I was. 

“Thanks, Zach. I means a lot.” I smiled. 


“Yeah, Zach?” 

“Would you like to go on a date?” He asked.

“Before I answer, can I ask you something?” I asked, and he nodded.

“Why me? Any one of your fans would date you, you could ask anyone in the world out, and they’d probably - no, definitely - say yes. Why me? I’m just a kind of famous photographer’s little sister. The one no one cared about because her brother was an up-and-coming star. The one the parents’ ignored as a child because they wanted at least one person in the family to become successful. I’m just Brendan North’s little sister.” I said, surprisingly all in one breath.

“I could ask out anyone?” He asked, and I nodded uneasily. “That’s exactly why I chose you.”


Thank you for reading! This one may have been a little confusing if you didn’t know who Brendan was, so sorry about that!
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J.P. met Donna when she was honored as the North Stars’ two millionth fan in 1971. She and her sister won a road trip with the team, and she met her future husband at a restaurant in Boston. They married in 1972 and had sons Zach and Jordan who, like his brother, played college hockey at North Dakota.

Michael Russo, Star Tribune

That sounds like something out of a fairytale.