Zach Attack


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Roses are red, violets are blue (he laughs)
Your glasses are really cute. just like you.
Ever since Day 1, I’ve had a huge crush cause you’re best
and the way I prove it is cause I have no hair on my chest

I’d go on one knee right now and tell you I want to be with you forever
But instead I decided to write you a love letter
This letter is waiting on my desk at home,
Nicole, we can go to Germany, or we can go to Rome.

If you were to be my showmance,
38 days from now, I can call you Mrs. Rance.

But I’m not done not just yet, Nicole I would do anything for you, but not just yet
You’re the HOH and I dont wanna be on the block
But if you do, I won’t flock.

I’m with you till my Big Brother life is over
Nicole, you’re not a pushover.

You are so beautiful and everything about you is perfect,
Right now as I’m speaking you make me nervous.
That gorgeous smile and laugh, all I want to do
Is- Derrick- lets just get to the sexual innuendo.

Roses are red, violets are red.
My c**k is really hard, because of you.

—  Zach’s love poem to Nicole