Zach Attack

It Hurts

Warnings: angst?

A/N: I was thinking of making this a two part. Should I make a part two and have it a fight/make up/ smut? Let me know! If so, I’ll post part two ASAP! :D

“Don’t go near ________ with that, she hates spiders.”

   A slow, sneaky grin spreads across Justin’s face. Your brother Alex warns him again, but it does no good. Justin takes a step forward and you take one back, arms up in mock surrender. Being deathly afraid of spiders your whole life, you didn’t want anything to do with them. Justin is holding a huge, hairy spider in his hand and the look he’s giving you is unsettling.

“Justin,” you squeak. “You better not!”

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Afraid of the dark?

Afraid of the dark? Zach x reader

You let out a deep sigh as you scribbled away on the worksheet that Mr. Boy gave you. You were currently at Zach’s house with your bff’s Layla and Magenta. The four of you were studying and doing homework, and it was getting kinda late. “Hey Zach, I’ll see you later, it’s already seven,” said Layla. “Oh, where to?” you asked curiously. “I’m meeting Will at the Paper Lantern,” she chirped while packing her bag. Magenta coughed a little as you gave Layla a quick “good luck” before she walked out the door.

Now it was only you, Zach and Magenta in the whole house. Magenta didn’t talk much, so the only ones discussing the questions were you and Zach. You suddenly became aware of that, and your cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “(y/n)? Are you okay? Your cheeks are red… Do you have a temperature?” Zach’s concerned expression and his hand on your forehead didn’t help much with your flustered state, not to mention his face being THAT close to yours.

“Zach, I’m telling you it’s fine. I’m not-” but you were cut off when you shreiked loudly as the lights suddenly went out. “Dang it my parents forgot to pay the electricity bill!” came Zach’s voice. “What the heck man? GLOW! GLOW, DANG IT!” shouted Magenta back. A faint yellowish green light flooded the room, but you were nowhere to be seen. “Ugh I’m outta here,” said Magenta, adding a “Good luck finding (y/n) before she left.

“Great. (Y/N)!” shouted Zach. But there was no reply. That is, until his still glowing form found you trembling under his desk. “(Y/n)? What happened?” asked Zach, pulling you out gently. “I-I’m scared of the dark… ” you stuttered out. Zach gave out a small “tsk” before pulling you into a hug. “Umm Zach?” you asked. “Hmm?” he asked. “Why are you hugging me all of a sudden? This is not like you,” you blushed. “Cuz I worry ‘bout you,” replied Zach. “Zach? Now might be the time I told you that I love you…” you whispered out. “Me too,” he whispered back. A small yawn from you broke the comfortable silence. “Would you like to sleep here tonight?” asked Zach, smiling softly. “Mmh, sure,” you replied. Zach picked you up bridal style and placed you on his bed. Then he climbed on with you. And, to be frank, you fell asleep cuddled together.


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when your mans is lookin like a snack

Pairing: Zach x fem!reader

Request: Okay here is something that came to mind, just a idea for someone to work off of, okay so today I was watching 13rw & thought of a smut were Zach & his gf are both virgins or at least she is & after a while of dating they fuck & b/c she’s like Tonys height Zach had to like pick her & fuck her against the wall (ect) & he gets carried away b/c she’s a flustered mess under him & the next day she comes to school & her back hurts & she lost her voice & it’s just funny smut

Warning: sin {oral - male on female, rough secs?}

Word count:1043

This is my first Zach imagine and smut! I hope you like it! I hope it’s accurate lmao. 

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My list of iconic moments in Sky High

• the obvious queerness of Layla. “I’m not into labels” and “we’re not ____ or ____ we’re just people”
• the guy who glows wants the superhero name “Zach Attack”
• the freshmen dumps the senior after she tries to manipulate aspects of his life
• the girl who can turn into a guinea pig
• the kid who has a superhero and a super villain as parents is named Warren Peace…. as in…. “war and peace”
• he also can light both his arms on fire and yeet fireballs from them, but he also uses it to light candles for pretty girls when they get stood up and are feeling like shit
• (he pretends not to care but he’s a huge softie)
• “Royal Pain is a…. girl?” “*in deepest voice possible* yes I’m a girl, you idiot!”
• Royal Pains sidekick and his fucking “uncle uncle uncle!”
• “you can’t sit here! Only I sit here!” “……… mmhhmm. *proceeds to sit there”
• the scene where Royal Pain can’t figure out how to strap the babies into seats
• Royal Pain says her entire villain monologue to a fucking baby
• Layla “I don’t believe in using my powers for violence” gets slapped once and sends all the plants in the school after the bitch who attacked her
• “you’d have to be like a rat to get in there” *everybody looks at guinea pig girl*
• guinea pig girl: *sighs heavily*
• when Sky High literally falls out of the fucking sky
• the mad scientist looks and acts exactly the same as a baby
• Will owns up to making a mistake AND gives the sidekicks the credit they deserve after they beat Royal Pain
• Linda Carter saying “there’s nothing more I can do to help you. I’m not Wonder Woman you know” and strutting out of the room
• Ron Wilson, bus driver, defender of city from giant robots

‘Breathe. Remember, it’s just chemicals.’ Alex Gaskarth (of All Time Low) on panic attacks.
—  You’ll be okay, I promise… C.W.A

Roses are red, violets are blue (he laughs)
Your glasses are really cute. just like you.
Ever since Day 1, I’ve had a huge crush cause you’re best
and the way I prove it is cause I have no hair on my chest

I’d go on one knee right now and tell you I want to be with you forever
But instead I decided to write you a love letter
This letter is waiting on my desk at home,
Nicole, we can go to Germany, or we can go to Rome.

If you were to be my showmance,
38 days from now, I can call you Mrs. Rance.

But I’m not done not just yet, Nicole I would do anything for you, but not just yet
You’re the HOH and I dont wanna be on the block
But if you do, I won’t flock.

I’m with you till my Big Brother life is over
Nicole, you’re not a pushover.

You are so beautiful and everything about you is perfect,
Right now as I’m speaking you make me nervous.
That gorgeous smile and laugh, all I want to do
Is- Derrick- lets just get to the sexual innuendo.

Roses are red, violets are red.
My c**k is really hard, because of you.

—  Zach’s love poem to Nicole