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How do you think katara an zuko would have called their children?

Lovely question! I headcanon them having three little steam babies, Kya is the first and she’s a firebender. Then Ezra comes about two years later and he’s very skilled swordsman. And finally, when Zuko stubbornly swears he’s done changing diapers forever, Katara announces she’s pregnant with little Lee, who happens to be a waterbender.

I’ve been feeling down recently, so I drew a Zutara family scene to heal my soul.

Guess what I did this evening? I posted a new chapter.

Chapter 10 

Katara stood in the mirror gazing at her reflection and frowned.

It wasn’t that she was unhappy with her overall look. She had to admit, she looked great in her outfit. Suki had helped her pick out a navy blue mini dress with a black lace overlay and black strappy heels to match. The sleeveless dress was fitted on top and flared out at the waist, stopping at mid thigh.

It was much shorter than anything she would choose on her own, but Suki had promised her Zuko would drool if he saw her wearing it. Suki had also insisted on doing her makeup and curling her flowing locks into loose ringlets.

Which, of course, was the main reason for Katara’s sour mood. All of this work to impress him and now they weren’t even speaking to each other.

Last night was supposed to be a special night; maybe even the start of a new relationship. Instead, it had ended early with an argument she’d started and led to them both actively avoiding each other.

After unceremoniously storming out of his house, she’d driven home so angry she didn’t even send him the obligatory ‘I made it home safely’ text message.

Katara distinctly remembered how upset she’d been when she arrived at her apartment. Suki had tried to talk to her, but Katara refused to say anything. She knew she must’ve looked a mess, with her red eyes and tears staining her face.

She’d assured Suki she was physically okay, but wouldn’t say anymore about it. Suki left her alone after that but made her promise to talk to her about it when she was up to it. Katara had agreed and then barricaded herself in her room.

Once she was safely locked away and alone, she’d cried until her head hurt and her eyes were swollen. She was mad at herself for starting the argument. Here she was, yet again, letting her past mistakes ruin her present happiness. At the same time, she was angry at him for giving her a reason to argue in the first place. They weren’t already supposed to be having these kinds of problems, were they?

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i imagine zuko would die blushing madly when katara shows him the porn she wants to reenact

Zuko would be the color of a fucking strawberry 🍓 Meanwhile, Katara is a little horndog 🙃🙃🙃

I like powerful men with equally powerful women, who save each other’s asses because that’s their thing and God help anyone who harms their SO. I like the badass motherfucker with the head bitch in charge, taking over their domain like nobody’s business. I love the story of the hero who saves the world and the heroine who saves him. I love the couples who will burn down the world just to protect each other. That is my aesthetic.