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 I attended this year’s Zombiewalk here in Chile, as usual. This time tried to do a DoomGuy cosplay and fight agaisnt the zombie horde, in honor of an old habit of switching sides each year.

 However i have to admit that bringing my mother alongside and figthing together was the most amazing experience so far. I mean how many people in the world can say they killed a bunch of zombies with their mother? I bet not that many.

I love you mom <2

I always wondered how I would feel if I covered all of my ink.. So yesterday I did it and when I looked in the mirror I felt sick to my stomach. I looked so wrong.

And then I put blood all over myself and I felt okay. But man… No amount of visual confusion nor mental anguish compared to the sheer horror of trying to wash off layers of dermablend, manic panic foundation, lush colour correction cream, setting powder and fake blood from my skin.

I scrubbed for so long last night. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get all of it off and I’ve had both a bath and a shower today.

Yesterday I got my dead on as an undead butler, with an edible jello brain on my tray (tasted like watermelon Jolly Ranchers, yum!) for this years ZombieWalk Columbus!
ZombieWalk is an AWESOME canned food drive. Attendees dress up as Zombies (or if they choose, Resistance, i.e. the survivors fighting back). ‘Price of admission’ is any chosen amount of canned food. Zombies than have a little while to get to know one another, before they begin a one and a half mile walk around Columbus, that finishes where they began, with a play battle between zombies and resistance.
Sooooo much fun!


Need some inspiration for an innovative zombie makeup? Try our looks from the Zombiewalk 2013!

general tips: make your skin look paler and add a hint of green or purple undertones to seem undead. Darken your natural shadows and wrinkles. Refrain from mascara, eyebrwo pencil and other “pretty makeup”

For a burnt look: make the surface feel rough with tissue paper and latex milk (or gelantine mix) and apply a base coat of bright red (fresh flesh is quite bright) then brush over the rough surface with dark red and afterwards lightly cover the tips of the tissue with black. The more black you use, the more intense the burnt effect gets.

 Bruises: The makeup seems more natural, if there aren’t only cuts and burns and lots of blood, but also bruises. Do not be afraid to use diffrent colours! Where the bruise is less intense it tends to be yellow-greenish, then becomes more blue and purple and can be almost black at the most intense points.

exposed flesh: Think about what is beneath the wound. Especially in the mouth area it looks great if you semm to be seeing what is beneath the seemingly lost skin. Draw on some rotting teeth or think about the bone underneath you huge flesh wound.