Continuing from where the first gallery left off, here are the rest of Zeed’s forms in Soul Hackers! They are:

  • Human/Angel types 1&2
  • Beast types 1&2 (Beast 2′s design is also used as Skoll in the PSP version of Devil Summoner)
  • Dragon types 1&2 (Dragon 2 is used as Leviathan in PSP DS)
  • Angel types 1&2 (Angel 2 is used as Enoch in PSP DS)
  • Human types 1&2 (Human 2 is used as David in PSP DS)

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(and so it begins…)

DK SKETCH DUMP! YEEEAH! Probably will be doing a whole bunch of these generally following along the volumes as I go through them.  And I’d like to highlight some characters and relationships that don’t get much attention that I’m starting to grow more attached to this umpteenth time around.

First up, Zoma! He’s so adorable~ Even more so with him and Cesia. I’d like to think he’d follow behind Cesia often on his bird. But he was her first friend after all and the only one who supported and defended her before the Dragon Knights came along.  Not to mention how despite his small size compared to other demons and even before he could walk, he would still put his life on the line for Cesia.  He gets his newfound confidence once Rath gives him the freedom of mobility by combining him and his bird, but Zoma’s bravery was always there even before then. So here’s to showing some love to this under-appreciated character~

Zoma...You're Next.

“All right guys, this is it. But, before we do this, I want to say something. Cris, Dami, Meg…thanks for travelling with me. I’ve brought you all through Hell and back and then through Hell once more. Yet you guys stood by my side the whole time. I could never have gotten this far without you three. Now, let’s finish this, once and for all!”



Dragon Quest Heroes-Zoma Boss Battle DLC Gameplay