I am that one – forever wandering, forever longing for the quench
shrinking, expanding, recoiling, contracting – forever inadequate
there is a place befitting of this everlasting fascination
a river full enough to exhaust compulsion – the urge that seeps between the marrow and begs for breath; the disquieting yearning screeching against stomach walls crawling upward through a crest.
I am that one, unnameable. A soul without a home, the bastard child of Zeus dodging Hera’ s scorn. Braved the fiery winters to arrive unscathed by the whitest storm. I am that one, untamed. Artemis deep inside the forest of her longings, befriending trees and fawns. Bow and arrow – sight and sound – acutely sharpened huntress scouring the universe for a rouse.

My dreams are made of iridescent lace entangled in the brain. I’ve sewn this path in my silent stride ignoring time’s indifference.  Sand on the hands – so fleeting. I answer to none but the call which springs from the center, the disarming of the heart which surrenders. So I surrender, thus I succumb. I am that one – the uncaged bird indifferent of the ground.

You’re Best Forgotten

Should probably be on the list of things I’m not allowed to do, but here’s a speculation about what’s currently going on in the Underworld.  Had to get it posted before Sunday…also posted on AO3 and FFN.

Thanks to @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable for reading through this at Ridiculous o’clock when she’d already planned on going to bed.  All mistakes are still mine because I’m stubborn…

You see, you’d love to run home, but you know you ain’t got one

Cuz you’re livin’ in a world that you’re best forgotten, around here

Killian can’t tell how long he stands at the bottom of the elevator shaft, staring up into the darkness and imagining that he can still hear her choked sobs.  His cheek burns with his tears and hers mingled on his skin.  His lips sting where he had gotten his last taste of her.  His fingers still tingle with the feel of her – his calluses scraping along the soft skin of her palm and down her own fingers.  The futility of trying to hold on just a second longer, of balancing on his toes until he realized that he was trying to keep her with him.  To pull her back to his side where they could keep each other safe.

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