The hero’s bond

I absolutely love the fact that Wolf Link is in Breath of the wild. So much so that I thought it would have been even better to have had regular TP Link helping BOTW Link during his quest. 

So naturally I though of the possible conversations they would probably have, and after some daydreaming I made the connection that they have both had “almost something” relationships.  

And then BOOM! This came out of my head, to my drawing pad, then to your eyes!

I might actually keep making these if I think of some more stuff like this.

But at any rate, hope you like my art!

Edit: I have started the series, give it a look why dontcha?

The hero’s bond “Teamwork” Part-1

Twilight eyes

I’ve finished it! (Actually yesterday, but I wanted natural lighting).

Ganondorf looks quite old by the way hahah; weird to think that a 17-years-old(?) beats up this old man. I also wonder why he is green/grey, maybe to make him look more evil?

Next Zelda eyes piece will probably be Majora’s Mask!