about ordon farmers

okay but ordon village couldn’t have been the only small farmer village in hyrule, right? there must have been countless others around, all small communities who fell under Zelda’s reign and got protection from the realm in exchange for a part of their harvest

so like, what if they had annual festivals of some kind? just a huge thing, that changed villages every year. tents are pitched all over and paper decorations are hung by the kids and the facades of the houses are painted with brightly colored dyes and patterns. every village brings their own specialty and there is an immense feast around bonfires, to celebrate the goddesses giving them a good harvest

traveling bards join the groups and sing in exchange for food. everyone shares gossip and the children all play together and there are dances and friends are reunited and sometimes some marriages take place there

imagine Link in there. helping with the food and carrying things around and helping Colin, Malo, Talo and Beth string up garlands and braiding reeds and flower crowns. sneaking out with a cute farmer boy or girl his age for a midnight dip in the water. imagine him flirting with everyone. imagine him tipsy and rosy-cheeked and laughing very loudly at Fado’s bad jokes. dancing around the fire with flowers in his hair and brightly coloured clothes. sumo wrestling with people from other villages while mayor Bo encourages him very loudly, and Ilia can’t stop staring. imagine him waking up with a splitting headache and with unfamiliar arms around his waist in a bed he can’t recognize and he just smiles and rolls over and falls asleep again

“Light World and Twilight, two faces of the same coin….”
Princess Zelda and Princess Midna - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Zelda Stylized Wig, Costume, makeup, accessories and props made and modeled by me.

Zelda: Layze Michelle
Midna: Vera
Photography: C.Souza Fotografia

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Full art: Link, Hero of Light

Full art: Link, Hero of Twilight

When the werewolves of Innistrad were previewed (and even to this day to some extent) people just didn’t seem to understand the flavor behind the werewolf transform trigger. Basically it goes like this: during the day people are awake and cast spells, but at night, people don’t cast spells because they’re asleep. That’s all fine once you have it explained to you, but I think I’ve found something that will really drive the flavor home and make it completely unambiguous. Ability words. I think this makes the flavor of the wolf coming out at night and then reverting back to human in the day much clearer. But what do you think?