Monday was the annual Met Gala (fundraising for and opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute here in New York City, pretty much celebrity prom), and the theme of “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” did not disappoint our startorial senses! We’ll share our three favorite looks for today’s Wednesday in the Wild.

We’ll start with a bang, probably the most jaw-dropping gown of the evening, the glowing Zac Posen design worn by Claire Danes.

She might not have drank tequila shots while wearing it, but a glowing gin & tonic would have been appropriate!

–Emily & Summer


Dita Von Teese at the ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion’ opening gala, Met Museuem,  wearing a gown by Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014 … “The American couturier Charles James viewed the female form as an armature on which to build his highly sculptural pieces …” It also could apply to Zac Posen who poised to be 'James’ of his generation.



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I think it’s safe to say, Zac Posen has a thing for globular clusters (spherical groups of stars bound together by gravity that orbit around a galaxy). Our Milky Way has at least 150 globular clusters orbiting in its halo. I’ve included a few of them as observed with Hubble to help convince you that Zac was clearly influenced by them IMHO, especially given the gown at the top.

All four of these gorgeous items are from his Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. And I am most definitely READY. TO. WEAR. THEM. 

Can I get a benefactor please? 

- Summer