Jack loves bitty SO MUCH. He can’t stand to see him unhappy, or putting everyone else’s feelings before his own. Jack can’t be happy unless bitty is happy–bitty’s happiness is necessary to him. And he’ll do anything in his power to make to make that happen.

Bitty loves jack SO MUCH. He can’t stand it when anyone talks badly about Jack, because he just wants so badly for all of Jack’s good qualities to be appreciated. He thinks Jack is the most incredible person he’s ever met, and he can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see the same thing.

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Cute blog omg. What about the RFA members reactions to a PMS MC? How they help her with cramps and emotions and whatnot~? Thank you so much~~

[Thank you!! ^w^  This is so relevent to me rn, so here we go! 

~Z:) ]



  • this smol boy HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO DO
  • tomato boy when you first explain things to him 
  • “omg omg omg…do-do you need to go to a hospital??”
  • literally calls his mom and almost zen for instructions 
  • but after the intial experience, he is so prepared from now on
  • he’s your mature man
  • don’t have any of your womanly hygiene supplies? will be gone and back ASAP from the store
  • so sweet to you the entire time (I mean EXTRA sweet)
  • because he SCARED you’ll turn on him
  • (literally the least amount of time spent on LOLOL) 
  • but still gets flustered easily 
  • “Noooo!! I forgot she hates the mint flavored ones!!…oh wait that’s just the ad on the back…”
  • And still freaks out when you’re emotional
  • “Wait- I thought you loved this movie?! Why are YOU CRYING??!!”
  • buys you so much chocolate 
  • apparently the only thing he knew from before was that chocolate is some kind of remedy??


  • this man is PREPARED 
  • 100% effort to make sure you’re comfortable as much as possible 
  • cuddle sessions, massages and tries everything to help make the pain less 
  • “I read online that this herbal tea does wonders for cramps.”
  • always has a backup supply of your favorite sweets and snacks 
  • buys you flowers and other little gifts to make you feel better
  • because he’s hella scared your mood swings will go for the worst
  • has you piled up with all the most comfy pillows and blankets (even stuffed animals) on the couch to watch all his musicals (his handsome face on screen makes everything better)
  • likes to make you laugh and more cheery by practicing his lines but with different voices
  • DISNEY MOVIE MARATHON (you can’t tell me no) 
  •  sings to soothe you 


  • She got you babe
  • Baehee completely understands!! 
  • periods are such bloody biatches” “I know right?!” 
  • don’t worry 
  • never again will you need to do last minute shopping for pads/tampons etc etc 
  • knows all the best ways to help 
  • “Don’t eat that, it’ll make it worse. Have some of this tea instead.” 
  • literally books a week-long business trip for jumin at a cat hotel so he can take his goddamn cat too and spends her week off with you
  • zen musical marathon and all the comfort food in the house
  • lots and lots of chocolate
  • you guys also just curl up on the couch and read quietly (reading books is always so nice during your period)
  • if she gets it too at the same time- you guys suffer together in pajamas 
  • *cue emotional crying over some random zen role


  • His first time in the situation after you live together and when you shyly explain the circumstances to him-
  • he’s so calm, doesn’t even blink 
  • but once you walk away, he turns around all red and flustered 
  • “She didn’t say what I am required to do?? Is there a procedure or certain instructions I must follow??” 
  • clueless toll bean 
  • so he calls Jaehee, “Assistant Kang, this is urgent.”
  • poor jaehee this isn’t apart of her job at all
  • Proceeds to contact professional doctors and health providers to figure out how to best help you (he just can’t stand the thought of you being in pain) 
  • has staff retrieve all the supplies you need (including chocolate) 
  • (you’ll never worry about running out because everything will be resupplied consistently)
  • cancels schedule for the entire week to stay home with you (God help jaehee) 
  • so attentive and tries so hard to help make you comfortable
  • literally orders your favorite chocolate all the way from Germany
  • Of course, of course, his best method to make you feel better is Elizabeth 3rd
  • just plops the cat on your lap, “Here, she’s the best treatment.”
  • will get jealous after he sees you two cuddling and joins 
  • doesn’t know why you suddenly got mad at him because he was only cuddling elizabeth and ignored you


  • this boy will google EVERYTHING
  • Even at the slightest change in your behavior
  • “why is she suddenly smiling? Is that symptom??”
  • Since he’s in charge of the health files of all the members, he of course knows when your period is coming 
  • literally becomes more solemn as the time approaches like it’s 12/21/12 
  • no more irritating puns and annoying jokes that drive up the wall
  • calm and serious Luciel is here 
  • and you don’t mind?? because he’s actually being an adult?? 
  • he’s actually seriously terrified you’ll murder him if he cracks a joke
  • the entire time he’s around you, he acts like he’s walking through a minefield
  • Takes lots of breaks in between working to check on you, making sure you’re comfortable 
  • “MC, do you need more blankets?” “Seven, you’re burying me.”
  • Steadily supplies you with comfort food (honey buddha chips reserved just for you) 
  • Heck, he’ll probably stop working just to spend time with you 
  • Rewatching all your favorite movies and tv shows 
  • “Do you want to watch the next season?” “But it’s not out until next month?” “I know. But do you still want to watch it right now?” 
  • illegally watching the yet unreleased episodes 
  • Doesn’t challenge you to video games EVER during this time
  • because he KNOWS that would be his worst mistake
  • your rage mode is 100x worse 
  • Other than restraining himself from messing with you, he’s so warm and cuddly with you 
  • You guys pretty much chill and watch cat videos 
  • Let’s you wear his jacket to make you feel better 

I spy with my little eye … two assholes. Can you spot them kids?

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hepsi mükemmel ötesi bloglar hepsini takip edin..

Reasons why Team Skull are your friends:

  • Interact with the community to the point where they know everyone in a city by face.
  • Introduced themselves to you as soon as you left city hall since they noticed you’re new in town.
  • Asked for your Ash-Greninja, probably to share it with people who don’t have the demo.
  • Don’t actually take your Pokemon immediately like the Catching Contest jerk.
  • Challenge you to a Pokemon battle instead of a rap battle which they would clearly win easily.
  • Excessive posing is actually just them teaching you how to use Z-Moves.
  • They introduce you to their big sister, Plumeria, who compliments your strength.
  • She lets you test your Z-Move on her Pokemon and then tells you that you’re an amazing trainer.

Team Skull did nothing wrong.