“I always have and always will dress up.  I dress up to go to the drug store.  I wear red lipstick to yoga.  Clearly I’m nuts.  But there’s this grandma part of me that feels its necessary to make an effort.” -Z Berg

“I’ll go to the grocery store in a suit. I’ll be the only dude dressed up really well in Ralph’s. They’ll be like ‘what the fuck?’ But I’m totally into that.” -Brendon Urie

Things about Ryan that Z Berg has confirmed for us:

- Ryan is making amazing new music that’ll probably come out soon

- Ryan is anti internet

- Ryan is in love with Dottie and probably prefers her company to humans

- Ryan is shy and private irl

- Ryan and Z are bffs

- Ryan is a smol son who can’t help accidentally cutting himself while shaving

- There is a The Young Veins song which has Ryan and Z singing

Bonus: Z’s fav panic! song is Nine in the Afternoon and she has never met Brendon