anonymous asked:

how do i stay happy?

When you have happy moments, seize them. You take them and you do everything you absolutely positively possibly can to wrap them up and store them in a place where you can reach for them in your dark days. Whether you attempt to keep them in a jar on a shelf in your room where anyone can look at it or you attempt to keep them hidden in a box under your bed deep in the dark where no one can find it, just make sure you keep them. Because sometimes that’s all you have in those dark moments. If you don’t have your happy moments stored somewhere in your memory or in a secret place, just know that the dark moments will eat you alive and leave absolutely no crumbs as evidence.

When I say I hate men I’m obviously not talking about all men, but there are enough problematic men to bother women to the point of saying that they hate men in general, and I think that’s what some people don’t get. “Not all men”, no, not all men, but there’s enough shitty men to make us feel threatened, and that’s the point.