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Knight Shop AU. I was told I ought to finally write something with these two.

Dorian steps into the unassuming little shop, peering around, before he shoves his hands into his pockets and wanders towards the counter. 

Yvaine’s words are still ringing in his head. Their rates are reasonable - certainly better than most of the handymen round here. Stop looking at me like that and go, if I have to hear any more complaining about your boiler I swear I’ll -

Not my boiler. My father’s.

There’s a little dust; not much, just enough for a certain shabby atmosphere. Someone’s put a bell on the counter, so after a moment of hesitation, he presses it. A bright ding cuts through the silence.

A surprised sort of scuffling noise, and then someone’s coming through from the back room, carrying a cardboard box. They pause, blinking at him.

Dorian tries not to blink back. Knight? This man looks more like an escapee from a biker bar: tall, broad and a little unshaven, with long, hastily tied-back hair and various tattoos visible past the sleeves of a T-shirt that might have been black once, but is now a faint grey.

“Oh.” The man tilts his head. “You here for a knight?”

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Literally why does no one remember the movie Stardust?

there’s a cross-dressing pirate

A pirate ship that is steampunk and flies

and the pirates collect lightning like badasses

Did I mention Unicorns?


Oh yeah and the main character’s true love is a STAR

No but really. A star. that shines

Don’t believe me?

And she has a great personality

There’s an evil witch

And the clothes are amazing

Tristan dumps the gold-digging, heartless Victoria in an epic way

The princes’ ghosts are hilarious

Oh and romance

Just look at how cute they are

I can relate to Yvain on a personal level because when I realize I’ve wronged someone, I, too, throw myself into a fit of madness, rip off all of my clothes, and live nude in the forest for several years.


So, I’m back. Life has cleared up, I have a job, shoulders doing fine and I’m 30 pounds lighter. And I was wondering if any of you lovely people had the time of day for a giant giggly Elezen? 

I’m looking into a few things, and was wondering if anyone in the rp scene would like to engage in Discord things. Now, heres the thing: I have ideas. I get bored with the every day rp pretty easily(which is partly why I fell off of this last time), so I was looking into programs with dice and the like, and working with anybody willing to give me a chance at dming some small stories. 

The reason being is because I’ve been pushing myself to do a lot of writing, but I seem to have lost the spark and the fun in it. RP has always been a love of mine, and I’m hoping after some time it’ll give me that spark that I love in my writing. 

The stories can be anything! Canon, noncanon, a past story that you never truly explored and are willing to expand on for fun, anything! Yvain has a lot of empty space to fill up in his timeline, so truly, theres plenty that we could do.(Also it will all be on your time, to the best of my ability. Respond when you can/want, and if you are uninterested, just tell me ^^ ) 

Most importantly, I’m just looking to have fun, and I hope you all who partake have fun too. I’m still looking for some sort of dice roller and such that we could use so 1. It doesn’t look like I’m tampering with the results to get the ones I/You want and 2. It just stays fair. 

Anyway, thats an update and an inquiry! I hope you all have been having plenty of fun in the time that I’ve been gone, and I hope everythings okay. ^^ Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

There Are Days

Yvaine didn’t always deal well with the events of Trespasser. This fic takes place after the DLC. Contains limb loss and a character struggling with that. Also came partly from this thought.

When Cullen finds her, Yvaine is sitting on their bed, and the only light in the room is a faint, glowing green. For a moment he tenses, unable to help himself, certain that there’s a rift, that -

No. Panic solves nothing. He shakes himself, hard, and looks again.

It’s… an arm, of some kind. It glows in the light, and it’s translucent; from her elbow downwards, there is only slightly rippling light. She lifts it, examining it, and she’s smiling faintly. “Remember when you used to blow out the candles, and I’d annoy you by using my own personal nightlight because I didn’t want to stop reading?”

“Yes,” he says quietly. “I remember.” He moves to the bed and eases himself onto it, sitting next to her. “I used to tell you that if a Venatori got past your guard because you were half-asleep…”

“…you’d get Dorian to drag me back from the grave so you could bollock me yourself?”

He pauses. “I thought I was milder.” He hopes. “Besides, he was just as bad.”

“It was mostly implied.” She smiles at him properly now, then looks back to the arm. “I suppose all that Knight-Enchanter training was good for something.”

He nods. “I assumed it came from you.”

“My magic, yes. It’s taken months to get it right, and it’s still not…” She flexes the fingers, and he can see it: there’s a delay. She frowns, and grits her teeth. “It takes… work.”

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“A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?” Pointless, really…

“Do the stars gaze back?" 
Now, that’s a question.” 
                                                                         - Neil Gaiman, Stardust