Yuuta Mochizuki


[HENSHIN] Kamen Rider J.

Senshi: Kouji/Kamen Rider J
Transformation device: J-Spirit
Transformation command: “Transform”.

From: Kamen Rider J


  • Kouji’s actor, Yuuta Mochizuki, also appeared in Choujin Sentai Jetman (J1) and Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger (Geki/Tyranno Ranger). He played Mamoru Chiba and Count Dracul in several Sailor Moon musicals, too.

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com



Japanese name: フォッグ
Romanized name: Foggu


  • Machine Beast Mothership Fog Mother
  • Cobra Man/Garai
  • Bee Woman/Zu
  • Lizard Man/Agito

Status: Defeated.

From: Kamen Rider J


  • Fog was responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs. Kamen Rider J’s actor Yuuta Mochizuki played Tyranno Ranger in Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger. The lead antagonist in that series, Bandora, slaughtered the dinosaurs after her son was killed by a Tyrannosaurus.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com


Today’s featured kiss is Super Sailor Moon kissing Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon musical Eien Densetsu. This particular scene is from the Kaiteiban last day performance, making it an especially moving scene as it is the last day the actors play these characters. 

After having his Star Seed stolen by Galaxia, Mamoru become nothing more than a puppet for her uses. He planned on defeating Usagi and stealing her Star Seed, however Usagi proved herself to be stronger than giving up, even to the man she loves. Instead, she gave him all her power, all her love, and kissed him. Afterwards, she says that she finally sees her “Mamo-chan” in his eyes once more, and he briefly regains his senses before disappearing from existence, telling her not to lose.

This was an incredibly powerful scene, especially since it appears that rather than using tricks with angles, the pair actually are kissing. 

Something I thought fans of classic Myu would want to know:

Yuuta Mochizuki (Anzamoon’s main Mamoru, Fuminamoon’s Endymion, Miyukimoon’s Dracul, and stunt coordinator) is attending Power Morphicon in Pasadena, CA next month! (but lol at the website—Tuxedo Sam? Really?)

If any Myu fans don’t mind braving a Power Rangers convention, you’ll have a chance to see him. And I am mad jelly of you.


Happy birthday to my #1 favorite hero of justice–and one of my most favorite people ever, really–the one and only Yuuta Mochizuki, star of Zyuranger, Kamen Rider J, and eight years’ worth of Sailor Moon musicals! I cannot say enough about how wonderful he is as a person from my experiences at the last Power Morphicon in 2014, as well as having the very good fortune to be personally friended by him on Facebook last year, and I wish him nothing but the best!

(By the way…you too can meet him in person at Eternal Con in Garden City, NY, this June, and at Power Morphicon in Pasadena, CA, this August!)



Sera Myu 30 Day meme

3. Favorite actor? Why?

Well no one ever said I was original, and much like most of the responses to this I’m going with Yuuta Mochizuki. It is a close tie between him and Ryuuji, but most of Ryuuji’s characters were villains, whilst we see Yuuta play both. And poor Nani was strangled by both, not that we see the Ryuuji version. Add onto that fact that Yuuta’s voice is like velvet and chocolate. He’s just my absolute favourite, and his commentary was hilarious (and so much better then the later commentators). Oh and I know Endymion and Space Knight are the same but come on, look at those costumes! 


Years ago when my textbook was full of Sera Myu pictures I’d printed and lovingly glued in it…. Years ago when I first heard of Sera Myu…. Yuuta Mochizuki (aka King Yuuta) was one of my very Myu First Love. I wish he had more solos…..