So I am sitting at this baby shower and although I hate them and, as a general rule, am completely uninterested in babies, it has been giving me all the feels about Tea giving birth to Yuugi and her’s first child–a little girl (who I am sorely tempted to name Yumi for kicks but that is too close to Yuma and we don’t need that confusion).

And Yami and Mahir are hanging around in the waiting room and finally get to go in and meet her, and the LOOK on Yami’s face when Yuugi sets her in his arms…he is kinda overwhelmed by this tiny miracle of life and you kinda see him melt into some form of awe because OH MY GOSH WHAT A TINY HUMAN I DIDNT KNOW THEY CAME IN SIZES THIS SMALL

It takes no time at all for him to fall in love with this little girl.

The hard part is getting her back from him so she can go back to Mama for lunch time.

Okay but I wanna know what Yami was thinking/feeling when all the shit was going down with Yuugi and Joey in the duel Marik forced them into on the pier. Like, that moment when Yuugi turns the Meteor of Destruction on himself and basically decides he’s going to die.

What the hell is going through Yami’s mind at that moment?? That’s what I wanna know. I imagine it’s something like total and complete terror; not because Yuugi’s a mere vessel for him and the world could be in danger, but because Yuugi is his FRIEND and he CAN’T HELP HIM. This person who he has spent so much time with and come to think of as part of himself is mere seconds away from drowning to death, and as much power as Yami has, in this moment he’s completely powerless.

He can’t save Yuugi OR Joey, nor would screaming for someone, anyone to help do any good, because no one except Yuugi can see or hear him. I’m the most powerful being here, Yami must think, and yet I have no power to prevent this.

But it turns out okay in the end. Both Yuugi and Joey are safe and sound, and Yuugi and Yami are reunited when Joey hands back the Millennium Puzzle. And I just imagine a feeling of immense relief sweeping over Yami at that moment; he stays silent, but I feel like he’d still be completely and utterly overcome with relief because Yuugi didn’t leave; he didn’t disappear and leave Yami alone in the dark again.

I dunno, I just have a lot of feels about this moment.