a random list of things you might not remember if you weren’t there while Yuuri on ice was just coming out because I was in a mood:

-when the trailer/preview dropped and everyone was like “uuuh looks gay” and then the actual first episode came out and we were like. Yep. Called it

-when someone finally translated Stammi Vicino and everyone got really excited because it was explicitly mlm

-for about the first three weeks everyone was like “there is no way this show can get any gayer” and then it regularly did so we all just gave up

-when people caught on the fact that the opening changed details with every new episode and got really excited, and that one person who made side by side comparisons of all openings every week

-that very short period of time when we genuinely couldn’t tell if Yurio was meant to be an antagonist or not

-I’m pretty sure Evgenia Medvedeva was there from the start and there was just this. Surreal feeling that along with all of us trash goblins one of the rising stars of the figure skating world was also very emotional over these anime boys

-on that note, those actual figure skating fans who were delivering a ton of meta over what actual skaters the characters were based on

-when everyone lost it after ep3 came out and we were all like! did Victor just tell Yuuri he loves him through food metaphors??

-just. “I’m a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls men”. that was good shit

-the “Victor is going to leave Yuuri and break his heart!” discourse that came with that episode

-and then we all kinda calmed down with episode four and I remember everyone crying because,,,, they took one whole episode just for character development,,,,, we stan one (1) good anime

-the smol japanese skater that got really excited about meeting Yuuri and we were all like “mood”

-also when Christophe was introduced and everyone was just like, WHAT THE FUCK

-when ep6 came out with the preview for ep7 and everyone was like. THEY DIDN’T SHOW ANYTHING TOO GAY IN THE PREVIEW WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? SHOULD WE WORRY???? (no literally I just found some screenshots of a text I sent to a friend of mine that says “the preview doesn’t look gay enough and I don’t trust that”)

-when ep. 7 dropped and everyone and their mother lost their shit and YOI trended for a whole week on tumblr and people were joining the fandom in HORDES which to this day is probably still the most surreal fandom experience I’ve ever had

-idk if this was a universal thing but the italian subfandom had all those michele crispino memes about wine

-also when Sara Crispino got introduced and the subtitles said Sala and everyone was crying because it was just really bad

-everyone shouting to know Victor’s backstory

-that whole week of being 100% convinced Makkachin would die, fun times

-when episode? 10 I think? came out and it was revealed that Yuuri had seduced Victor at the afterparty the previous year and everyone was LOSING IT

- that whole episode just killed everyone tbh

-also Otabek showed up and people were thirsting reaaal hard

-the Otayuri discourse which I’m assuming continues to this day


-“I will give you something gold and shiny for your birthday” and everyone being like. Are they tricking us into thinking it’s a medal when it’s, in fact, a wedding ring, or are they tricking us into thinking it’s a wedding ring when it is, in fact, a medal?

-everyone crying after episode 11 and all the meta on what was gonna happen. I think the general opinion was that Yuuri would win gold and then he and Victor would retire together lmao

-also when it got strongly implied that Christophe had a boyfriend and people got really emotional, that was cute

-I just remember everyone dying over the final episode, with the freaking Stammi Vicino duet, tbh

-overall it was just a freaking wild experience and two years later I’m still so glad I was there for that


-people in the notes pointed out that I forgot that bit in episode?? Uuh something beteeen 2 to 4 where there was a comment on Victor’s thinning hairline and everyone got SUPER CONVINCED Victor was going to die of cancer, people made amvs of that shit, it was so dramatic

Happy two year anniversary to episode seven of Yuri!!! on Ice, the episode that changed so many lives and made anime history. 

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Let’s never forget how Sayo Yamamoto had to fight for this scene, per her words, and how much push back she had from higher powers that insisted it didn’t need to be there. But Sayo was confident in her work and believed they’d understand how important it was when they saw it. 

Never forget how precarious Sayo’s position was, as a woman in a hugely male dominated industry, pushing for an explicit m/m romance in an anime that she’d already had enough trouble getting greenlighted as was. That she got what she did in there, something so clearly romantic and so 100% an obvious kiss, even with the arm blocking it, is a testament to her hard work and conviction. 

Two years on and this is still such an important scene, and I’m still so happy for the gift that Sayo, Kubo, and Mappa gave us with Yuuri, Victor, and the love that they share. I can’t wait to see what they have in store with us for the movie.