Yuri Manga Recommendation! Part 2!

*cracks knuckles* here we go again!

Note: These Manga ratings are all based on my experiences while reading them. They’re not actual ratings by some professional.

With that said, let’s get to it!!!

THE THIRD PARTY 8.5/10 (Complete)

One of the first mangas recommended to me right after I made the very first yuri manga rec. this is a story about a girl who works for this media company and is secretly married (not through on her own desire) to this bad dude,,, cue hot girl, coming in on the clutch. The art is pretty good w the only problem being that their emotions tend to look the same throughout the manga. Story wise? I had SOME problem with it? But it’s pretty easy to follow. It’s completed as far as I know, and can be found in Mangago or Mangarock.

SERENADE (Keum Kyesoo)

9.1/10 (Complete)

Oh boy,,, look, I found this manhwa on my own.. second off? I don’t know where to even start with this. Can I just make a check list? Yeah let’s do that. Let’s see… angst? Lots of freaking angst. Mature. A really, really REALLY in depth storyline. Well-written characters. Art style improves over time. Oh and am I missing something…? Oh yeah… ANGST. I read this all in one sitting. Available on Mangago. WARNING: really disturbing forced sexual scenes… but there is also fluff with the healthier, endgame couple.


9.7/10 (Ongoing)

Another one that someone recommended to me!! It’s SUCH a cute storyline. Two cute lil shits who started off hating each other but then the sexual tension just comes in. Art style is fantaaastic. I could literally drop everything and reread this manga. There’s a storyline, but not quite established. There’s no real plot, just a lot of fluff. Can get a tad bit sexual. I’ve been reading it off of mangahere, mangago, and mangarock. So far, it has 74 chapters I think? Not so sure how often it updates!


9.6/10 (Completed)

Ah,,, a classic. I didn’t forget to actually add this on the first recommendation, but since the autho already had ONE featured manga (“Pulse”) I thought it would’ve been too much. That being said, hooooly shit if u want a manga with a swell of mix of cute, sex, dramatic, fluffy, with some good ol’ imporving art style??? This is your shit right here. The fucking girl’s name is Donut. I can’t take the manga too seriously cus of that but her name is d o n u t. And look at all these women???? i mean????¿¿¿ I read this off of mangago, but I’m sure u can find it elsewhere!


8.3/10 (Ongoing)

Haa okay, look, the story? Great idea. Awesome context… but it’s a mental illness and the author seems like they’re romanticizing it. It’s pretty okay if you’re not too touchy w that, but it’s about a woman with two perosnalities. One is a super sexual woman, and the other is this timid gal. The manga is mature!!! So watch out!! Art style is decent at best and kinda sloppy. Again, I like the idea of the manhwa, but it’s a touchy subject. I read this on mangarock. Not sure how frequent this updates.

BELOVED (Jaeliu)

9.4/10 (Ongoing)

Another manga someone recommended! Okay, I need to point this out before y’all settle for this manga. There’s an age gap. It’s a big one. 34 year old doctor and a 16 year old girl. They met at a bar, not knowing each other’s age, fell in love, and the rest is history. Okay? Okay. So if u like that, keep reading. If u don’t? Go to the next manga on this list.

To start off, this manga is amazing. The artstyle is so different; it’s refreshing. The characters have their own personalities, and they’re all well-written. Their age gap problems are tackled maturely (and also “maturely”). I read this on several different places, mangakalot being one and @manhua-abcd as the other. Not sure how recent it’s been updated, but last I read was Chapter 16.

ELIXIR (Sungwon)

8/10 (Ongoing)

Not… quite sure what to make of this. Let me start off with the good points first. Art style is gorgeous. Pleasant to look at and accurate to the human skeleton. I’m dreadfully in love with Siyeon’s sister, and you either hate her or love her as well. The author is pretty set on how this story is gonna go, meaning there is a solid plot like going on. What I don’t like is the premise of it all. Siyeon made an elixir to make her friend, Eunha, fall in love with her. Their relationship is ruined after this so they separate but they meet again and MORE shit ensues. Not to be that person, but give my girl Eunha a break. I read this off of mangarock and currently hold 36 chapters there.


1000/10 (Ongoing)

You get not one, but TWO main yuri ships! One is pure fluff and romance, while the other is the slow burn we all crave. The story is about Angels and Devils, of course. The art is deliciously good and so is the story. There is no center storyline but there r sub storylines for every 5-6 chapters. You’ll probably love all the women in this manhwa, and absolutely despise the men (maybe except for the devil sisters’ father). I can tell yall now, as someone who found this manga on pure accident by pressing the wrong icon, that this was the best mistake of my life. I read this off of Mangago, and I think that’s the best place to read it honestly. It’s currently at chapter 113, but the translated are in 103.

That’s it for this list! I hope you guys try these out!!