If we’re all led to believe that poverty is just a matter of laziness or stupidity or whatever other justifications we can come up with, then we’re not likely to be in a real position to do much about it when it comes to attacking the root cause of the problem. Instead of demanding a more equitable system for the distribution of social and economic goods, we blame the victim. This is insidious, because ideology is something we carry around with us in our heads; it forms the basis of our day-to-day understanding of the world.
—  Bob Torres, Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights

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Imagine almost dying with torres and you two go back home to hook up?

Requested by Anon~

Who knew that a near-death experience would be enough to push you and Nick together?

Well, Nick did, apparently. Judging by the grin he was wearing upon pressing you against his door the second you both got in. But you didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy that grin, because Nick had bent his head and was playfully kissing and nipping at the soft skin of your neck.

A chuckle rumbled in his chest at your gasps and whimpers. “If you wanted to do this earlier, you coulda told me you were interested.” Nick mumbled against your collarbone before looping around to the other side of your neck.

It took a moment to breathe and string together coherent words to say. “Who says I’m interested?”

Another small bit of laughter from Nick. He straightened back up, lips hovering over yours as a thigh forced your legs open. Nick received sharp inhale as a reward. “Could be wrong, but you sound pretty interested to me.”


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