Yuni Is Calling

This has been very long overdue, forgive me. I hit around 1400+ a couple of months ago and I kept on forgetting to make a thank you post, and so, here we are at last!

I honestly didn’t expect Starlight to get so much attention and to be liked, it just feels so wonderful. I owe it to each and every one of you for making my experience so amazing and without any of you, this couldn’t have happened. It’s only fair I thank all of you for supporting me and taking Starlight into your heart. It means so much to me when people say how much they adore Starlight, and it feels like you guys are like family, you know?

So, please remember even if you’re not on this list, I still love every single one of you!

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            It’s hard to be true to yourself in the heat of a battle

                                                             Having to always be ready to fight the inevitable

                         But I have friends by my side

                                                                         I know with them I’m gonna make it

      Indie Sonic the Hedgehog                                                                 Indie Elias Acorn