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Isn’t it just amazing to know how Jun Fukuyama can shift roles like it’s nothing?

I mean… how the heck did he went from these…

…to these…

…then these…

…also these…

…and also these…


Goddammit. He’s a god.

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU PART 3 Full Translation


Just a small note; now that I have a physical copy of the novel, I can see that from the contents page, the book is split into sections and within those sections there are smaller sections. So what we thought was ‘chapter 2’ last time was actually just a continuation of the so called ‘chapter 1’, the first section is reports, that’s why after the prologue it says ‘Report 1’ (and I thought it was weird that the second part on the Bleach app didn’t have ‘report 2’ or something when I was writing down the translations but I just assumed it was ‘chapter 2’ anyway), so THIS is the start of report 2, the last two ‘chapters’ were actually report 1 split in half. I’ll rename the title of those posts to Part 1 and Part 2 respectively and will continue to post future translations in parts like the Bleach app does.


Central Shinou Library.

A long period of Ise Nanao’s break was assigned to reading.

Going to the library that had just been rebuilt, there’s no trace of the original building that she’d normally be accustomed to, it feels a little out of place. Nevertheless, whilst turning over pages engulfed in the smell of paper one after the other, she was not concerned with things other than the contents of the books.

Her hand picked up a new book. It was her favourite book she reread many times over. When she turned over the front cover there was an emblem stamped there indicating that it was a book belonging to the 8th division’s library.

(This book, I stamped it…)

Next to the emblem, the name of the person in charge is filled in [Ise Nanao]. It was her clumsy writing from when she was still very young.

A mid-size library was erected in the residential area of each Gotei 13 division respectively. The damage caused by the Great War varied, since the reconstruction efforts focused on and progressed from the locations that were indispensable to daily life, any libraries with damaged sections were left as it is in a state of closure. When they went to inspect the reconstruction sites, the state of affairs hurt Nanao’s heart, she appealed to captain Commander Shunsui Kyouraku about whether the central library alone could be preferentially restored.

Construction began immediately, the books that survived through war damage were gathered from each library, and stored on brand new bookshelves.

(It was not burnt… Good)

Nanao, who was a member of the 8th division from a very early age, immediately after enlistment was entrusted with organising the book collection of the 8th division’s library.

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I’m so late to the party, pretty sure no one even makes these anymore. Oh well.
i feel like an ass about the Omaeda one, but seeing as how Soi Fon treats him..

Bleach Quotes Part Two

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 8 Full translation.

report 4 part 3/3

“Renji, let’s get everyone something to eat or drink soon.”

“Right! Please, we beg your assistance!”

Hearing Renji’s request, the nakai turned her body towards everyone.

“Then, we will begin….How about beverages?” She asked whilst bowing deeply in a seated position.

“It’s okay if we request whatever we want, captain Kuchiki’s treat right!? Then let’s have your most expensive sake please~!”

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 6 Full Translation.


Part 1

edit: doi I forgot to write the title properly.


6th sector -  Ryotei* “The safflower”.

(*A fancy traditional Japanese restaurant)

In Eastern end of the 6th sector, there is a block of noble residences standing in a row.

The head of the Kuchiki clan - one of the four noble families - have for generations, shouldered the responsibility of squad 6 captain, the squad building for that division exists in the 6th sector, and the Kuchiki clan are purveyors of various long standing shops that are lined up side by side there too. For that reason, nobles wishing for fine quality goods all set up residence here, the common soldiers have dubbed this wealthy sector “Kizokugai (Noble city)”.

“Hey Yamada… Is this really the right place!?”

The 4th division’s vice captain Kiyone Kotetsu asked Yamada Hanataro, the third seat of the same squad, who  was concealed behind her as they walked.

“It’s a prime location, it should be right….but….”

Hanataro timidly followed Kiyone whilst checking the electronic correspondence that he received from Kuchiki Rukia, many times over.

As they passed through bamboo thickets and advanced on a straight  gravel covered road, the Sukiyamon* (*Sukiya architecture style gate) came into view. Before the lattice door there was beautifully brushed lettering that said “The safflower” and paper covered lamps cast a soft light on its surroundings.

“Th… This is the place…. isn’t it… ”

“We’re already late for the get together, there’s nothing we can do but go in.”

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 7 Full translation.

report ‘4′ part 2


A moment, of silence.

When the couple raised their faces, Rangiku grinned and applauded them.


“That’s great, Abarai!”


Ikkaku and Yumichika also clapped their hands at the same time. One person after the other spoke words of congratulations and applauded.

“err… Thank you very much, we are happy. We’re happy but… Everyone isn’t surprised…. ?”

“We had intended to set up something like a surprise but…..”

Rangiku smirked as she saw both of their expressions which was a complex mixture of both joy and confusion.

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