In 2013, YumiKoyuki aka myself as Flemeth from Dragon Age II.

With this costume I won the 1st place of Tracon 8 costume contest, pro series.

Photos by Kifia Photography, retouch by yours truly.

Holy cow you guys, what has happened here? It’s been only a day and seriously, almost 1,500 notes?! Are you even serious? You _can’t_ be serious.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve read every tag there is attached to this post, and oh dear maker, you guys. I don’t think these tears will ever end, you’re the best. ;_;

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A musical instrument was kidnapped, a badass babe was chased across the stage, and one Spanish charmer was very, very confused, while the other was mad as hell.

Aka. you’d have to tie us down to keep us from making even the briefest stage appearance (because all cosplayers are attention whores etc. etc.).

yumikoyuki as Chel
hypnolepsia as Tulio
elsmaster as Miguel

Photos by yacinii


It was a nice day

Elsmaster as Aziraphale
majocosplay as Crowley (Although, as she’d like me to point out, she wasn’t actually cosplaying; just mysteriously happened to look the part, and agreed to sit on the bench with me for a few photos. You should check out her costumes though. They’re amazing.)

PS. I picked the book randomly and giggled madly when I checked what it was. It’s Gone with the Wind.

Photos by YumiKoyuki, quick edits by me.

"Nothing personal, you understand."

I left this one out of the previous photo set but decided I liked it too much (mostly because you can see the lovely wool socks that match my tie) not to post it at all.

Elsmaster as Aziraphale
majocosplay as Crowley (or, you know, herself, but looking awfully lot like a sassy demon)

Photo by YumiKoyuki, edits by me. (Click for better resolution, Tumblr likes to make stuff look awful on your Dash.)

yumikoyuki replied to your post “I just… played Mass Effect 3 for the first time…”

There there. I understand. I mean I could not touch the damn thing in months after playing it and I had to block every Mass Effect posting Tumblr account from my dash since it just made me feel so bad seeing anything related to ME.

Also I was soaked in water by when the credits rolled in because of intense sweating ang crying and I legit hyperventilated because I couldn’t breathe for the extreme crying.

;_; oh dear you

I totally feel you, tho I think I’ll start the trilogy again pretty soon ‘cause nothing can help me in this Bioware hell but right now it just hurts so much

the-tallboy-that-fell replied to your post “I just… played Mass Effect 3 for the first time…”

you’re not the only one darling — I legit cried to a pillow for 20 mins straight while my mom watched me all “wtf offspring i did not raise u to cry at games”

wtf it’s totally acceptable to cry at games

what I’m supposed to cry at if not video games

small kids??? ridiculous

yumikoyuki replied to your post: Whenever video games offer character c…

baw so cute! and i should probably make a round with myself, too. problem is, who’ll be my LI then! DORIAN IS THE ONLY ONE FOR ME but he’s gay so there goes that and I have plans for all the other characters. might go with cullen or bull. yes.

Thanks! And do it! : D I feel you, I couldn’t romance Cassandra so I just didn’t romance anyone………