Another characters who shouldn't have had to die

I’ve said it before, Another is a great anime. A horror anime. But it also has great characters who unfortunately had to die. It was a must. but I’m still a bit sad that one of my favorite characters had to die. Now, don’t get me wrong, I get the point that a horror anime has to have deaths in its development but I’m still sad. 

You know, I am pretty sure that when you like a character the most and then he dies, you’re not happy at all.

Takako Sugiura

She remind me of Lisa Yadomaru from Bleach. And I love Lisa, I mean she features in my favorite girls fro Bleach list. And if Lisa died, I would  hate the character who killed her, any character (except Renji, I can’t hate Renji). Now, back to Takako, I liked her too. She was cold. And I like that, I mean she was a strong and impenetrable character which is great. Too bad she died ! 

Yumi Ogura

What I like the most at Yumi, because I still like it, it’s her pretty face. I mean she’s extremely handsome, too handsome. Now, I know that almost all Another  characters are beautiful. But Yumi is still one of my favorites.

Ikuo Takabayashi

His death made me sad. I mean, he and another boy who fortunately didn’t die were among my very favorites. He was like a philosopher, to me. You know the melancholic type. I love this in a boy. You know, as I said before, I like two types of boys : the philosopher ones and the bad ones. And he was melancholic and why not, I saw him pretty intelligent.

Tomohiko Kazami

I liked him for the first time I saw him. From the moment he came to greet Sakakibara. He was handsome, quiet and one of the most intelligent boys in his class. Yep, I liked him a lot. But then he died and before dieing he made it relevant that he might have had a thing for Yukari Sakuragi, who is not my favorite. Anyway, I still don’t like the fact that he died. 

Izumi Akazawa

But the death that I hated the most was Izumi’s death, because, yes I liked her the most, I mean among girls. Everything about her was perfect, she was beautiful, smart, strong, friendly, she’s got nerve, her attitude, everything. I kept hoping she won’t die, I wanted to believe she’ll survive. But she didn’t. I still like her, though. When I look at her handsome face I can’t admit she’s dead.