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  • he will be very unfair to you and yell at the world
  • if it’s because of a disease, he wion’t even be there to see you die
  • if it was after a battle he will threaten to kill you if you die
  • pretend you didn’t mean anything to him while breaking down on the inside


  • cry his eyes out and hold you close while you die
  • he won’t anyone touch your body for hours
  • he will change after your death, and not for the better
  • will keep every memory of you


  • will ignore you in favour of finding a way to keep you alive
  • will erase every memory of you
  • everyone around him will worry that he will destory himself over your death

hunterthepenguin  asked:

For yukio sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Lilith, cancer, Leo, and Scorpio (you don't have to answer tonight if you don't wanna. I know it's pretty late)

Hunter you forget i dont SLEEP. (u r rewarding me for getting my homework done with this ask btw thankee.)

  • mercury: who’s his go-to person when he needs to talk?

 Well, it used to be Shiro. Now he just internalizes it. But I do have a head canon that one day when they’re sharing the same period gym class he breaks down and tells Bon everything and they just skip class to bitch about how shitty life is.

  • saturn: what is he the weakest and strongest at?

 He’s weakest at emotional bonds with people, but the strongest at applying what he knows to combat.

  • neptune: what was his best dream and why?

 It’s a really simple dream. The sky is blue, the wind has a nice breeze to it. There’s tree’s along a river, and under the shade of them is a young Rin and Yukio accompanied by Shiro, having a picnic that the boys put together themselves. Talking about goofy things, swimming, and just doing father son things.

  • lilith: what’s his biggest turn on in someone? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  People wearing his shirts, exposed collar bones, light feathery kisses, and small smiles hidden behind shy hands.

  • cancer: when was the last time he cried and why?

 After Rin told him that no matter how hard he tried, Yukio would NEVER be like Shiro and that he needs to stop trying to boss him around. Right after Rin stormed out a tear started rolling across his face.

  • leo: what makes him the most confident?

When he has everything under control, when he has all of his work done and has a second to sit down and do his own thing, and when people compliment him on his combative skills, shooting, or his achievements.

  • scorpio: what’s his most kept secret?

That he likes Hannah Montana. That he does have satans power, and that he can’t control it.


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