If you haven't seen YuGiOh! Here's a master guide:

Yugioh Season 0: Smol boy is bipolar and spends his time panicking and gaming people to death.

Yugioh Duel Monsters: Boy and ancient pharoah travel the world playing satanic card games.

Yugioh GX: Middle-Schooler learns the trade of card games, but it gets worse and then he’s double-satan.

Yugioh 5Ds: Poor-Man gets arrested for being poor, but card games on motorcycles so now the future is saved.

Yugioh Zexal: Tween doesn’t understand card games so ghost helps him and they save three boys by killing their child father.

Yugioh Zexal II: Heaven and Hell are fighting so boy challenges Satan to a card game.

Yugioh Arc V: Demon-Boy destroys the world with card games so a girl beats him up. Twice.

Yugioh VRAINS: Young hacker is scared of card games but his sense of justice turns him into Tron.

What your favorite YGO series says about you
  • DM: Either you've only watched this series or Atem and Yugi are your babes. Seto Kaiba is NOT a meme. You're most likely confused by many of the new dueling mechanics.
  • GX: Just like Judai you were a happy child but now you're bitter and/or done with everything. You most likely hate yaoi fan girls with a passion. Greatly appreciates the Ojamas.
  • 5ds: You probably have a dragon kink. You have an entire plan made out if the apocalypse happens. Jack Atlas IS a meme.
  • Zexal: 85% chance that you're gay. You would fight the moon given the chance. Will protect Astral with your life.
  • Arc-V: A slut for angst with happy ending. You were fine with how the series ended. Can relate to Yuri's faces.
  • Vrains: Nothing is real. Is a slut for secret identities. Liked the initial start of Sword Art Online but got quickly disappointed.

‘5ds doesn’t make sense because they play cards on motorcycles!!!!!!’ look pal first of all youre watching yugioh maybe you didnt notice but nothing ever made sense in this franchise second those motorcycles can do a 180 turn run backwards for a while and then do another 180 turn and at no point change the speed they go at the fact that they are playing cards on them is not even the strangest thing about those things

YGO Protagonists and Parents
  • Yugi: My dad is away at business and my mom is always at home, but 4kids made everyone think both of my parents died.
  • Jaden: My parents are always busy.
  • Yusei: At least you actually have parents who care about you. My dad doesn't even love me.
  • Yuma: Well my parents are both stuck in Astral World.
  • Yuya: *was raised by two very loving and caring parents and his dad vanished a short time before Arc-V started* Uh... I can't relate?

DM:card games are the product of ancient Egyptians and possibly Atlantis

GX: Go to school to learn about card games

5ds:some shit happens in Peru in the past and also the future hates card games

Zexal: Cards come from a alternate universe and/or an aliens memory

Arc V: Interdimensional card game war breaks out local tomato sad  

Vrains: literally nothing is real everything you do is actually part of virtual reality and your actions have no real meaning