DM:card games are the product of ancient Egyptians and possibly Atlantis

GX: Go to school to learn about card games

5ds:some shit happens in Peru in the past and also the future hates card games

Zexal: Cards come from a alternate universe and/or an aliens memory

Arc V: Interdimensional card game war breaks out local tomato sad  

Vrains: literally nothing is real everything you do is actually part of virtual reality and your actions have no real meaning  

If you haven't seen YuGiOh! Here's a master guide:

Yugioh Season 0: Smol boy is bipolar and spends his time panicking and gaming people to death.

Yugioh Duel Monsters: Boy and ancient pharoah travel the world playing satanic card games.

Yugioh GX: Middle-Schooler learns the trade of card games, but it gets worse and then he’s double-satan.

Yugioh 5Ds: Poor-Man gets arrested for being poor, but card games on motorcycles so now the future is saved.

Yugioh Zexal: Tween doesn’t understand card games so ghost helps him and they save three boys by killing their child father.

Yugioh Zexal II: Heaven and Hell are fighting so boy challenges Satan to a card game.

Yugioh Arc V: Demon-Boy destroys the world with card games so a girl beats him up. Twice.

Yugioh VRAINS: Young hacker is scared of card games but his sense of justice turns him into Tron.

5ds and Bad habits

Yusei: tapping his fingers/pens on the desk, talking to himself, drinking from the carton.

Jack: drinking coffee (no surprise), losing his temper, procrastinating, cracking knuckles.

Crow: humming a tune while running errands, biting his lips, using slang in a conversation.

Aki: fiddling with her hair, collecting and arranging her belongings, impulse shopping for plants.

Rua and Ruka: finishing other people’s sentences, staying up late, indulging in one too many sweets.

I really want a crossover movie between the later three Yugioh protagonists once Vrains has a couple seasons. But that’s not the only Yugioh crossover I need.

I beg you all to consider… a multi-part OVA with all six protagonists. It would end up being longer than your standard movie and would, as such, give more time for characters to interact and establish relationships with one another. And the whole thing could be really dramatic and maybe we all cry at some point. It would be awesome.

Feel free to reblog with what you think could happen in a multi-part Yugioh OVA and/or a second-gen movie!