Were you at Arizona Matsuri 2017?

Did you cosplay, or know the person cosplaying, Black Rose Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5Ds?

Because I really wanted to find said cosplayer and tell her not only did she not get a fair shake in the contest (MC couldn’t even get the name of the series right…come on you had ONE JOB), I thought it was really awesome she tried something so unusual and put herself out there that way, and that it was SUPER-awesome to see one of my lesser-represented fandoms onstage. A good 50% of the people onstage were wearing storebought mass-produced costumes (which is fine, but for a cosplay contest? Come ON) or cosplaying from non-Japanese series at a JAPANESE FESTIVAL and like….BRD is not only actually from an anime, not only was the cosplay homemade, it’s a reference back to things that are actually relevant to Japanese culture.

Do you know this cosplayer?

DM:card games are the product of ancient Egyptians and possibly Atlantis

GX: Go to school to learn about card games

5ds:some shit happens in Peru in the past and also the future hates card games

Zexal: Cards come from a alternate universe and/or an aliens memory

Arc V: Interdimensional card game war breaks out local tomato sad  

Vrains: literally nothing is real everything you do is actually part of virtual reality and your actions have no real meaning  

Here’s what I’ve seen about the new YuGiOh!

- The new show will have a new type of dueling that takes place in Virrual Reality. Apparently, somethig like SAO.

- The main character is Yusaku Fujiki

- Yusaku does not like to stand out, but when he starts High-School, he is relived to find out he doesn’t stand out at all.

- Based on this, we know Yusaku is 15 or 16, depending on when and where he was born.

- Yusaku has a much older/mature style to him, though not as much as Yusei did.

- The new show incorporates features such as Riding Duels, Action Duels and VR, combimimg the formulas of all the past shows.

- Yusaku’s Names, Yusaku and Fujiki have interesting meanings.

-Yusaku can mean either “Masterpiece”, “Artefact” or “Crouch”, as in “To Curl Up”.

- The second Kanji in “ 優作” (Yuusaku) is “作”, which means “Work”

-This may imply Yusaku is a workaholic or a very active person who takes pride in what they do.

- Conversely, it may mean Yusaku is a perfectionist and works too hard.

- His last name, “Fujiki”, is associated with more soft woods, or reeds of wood in general.

-Yusaku has three hair colors: Dark Blue, Bright Blue and Magenta

-Dark Blues generally represent Stability, Dignity and Intelligence.

-Brighter Blues represent cleanliness, Deoendability and Calm

- Magenta and purples tend to represent Royalty, Strong Emotions and Individuality.

- Yusaku has a very standard look. He wears a dark-blue jacket over a white shirt with a blue tie.

- Lastly on the topic of Yusaku, his eyes are green. Green symbolizes Nature, Misfortune and Unoriginality

- Next, the theme of the new show is “Let’s take one step forward and give it a try!”

- Arc V’s theme, to compare, is “Take a step forward with courage!

- Based on this, the next show like has a theme of building motivation, where Yusaku likely has none.

- It is also said that the main character starts meeting people through the Duel Monsters card game

What can we pull from this?
Yusaku seems to be a dull, mature kind of boy. He lacks motivation and only seems to live day-to-day. He is bored, and does not have many friends.
The new show also seems to have a SAO, or maybe .HACK// feel toward it, where Dueling takes place in Virtual Reality. Likely, we will see a LOT of cheating in this new Yugioh, as well as Viruses and Corruption.

…But take all this with a pinch of salt. This is all just projection. What do you guys think?